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16 days 4 hours ago
hey ladies yall made it top 24 already wow

*spins the wheel*

So here's Amara's explanation,

"Amara Peligrine06/18/2020
so here’s my tea
[3:06 PM]
we have a singing challenge
[3:06 PM]
you have three artists to pick from:
Alanis Morissette
Joanna Newsom
[3:07 PM]
pick any song and deliver us a PERFORMANCE."

Basically post a cover or lipsync of a Bjork or Alanis Morissette, or Joanna Newsom song.

The runway is to look like either Bjork or Alanis or Joanna Newsom
ps idk who Joanna Newsom is so gl.

you have 48 hours.

the lipsync is...
16 days 4 hours ago
ONLY SONG YOU SHOULDN'T DO IS SO PURE!!! that's the lipsync duh
15 days 3 hours ago
mahogany Octillery runway.

song is Joanna newsom bridges and balloons which inspired my materials for this runway.
15 days 3 hours ago
I've chosen a cover of one of my favourite Björk songs - 'All Is Full of Love'. I feel like this acoustic version really highlights the beautiful lyrics -

My runway look is a gown inspired by Björk's look from 'The Gate' -
14 days 22 hours ago
here is my cover there isnt a lot of covers of this
14 days 18 hours ago
cover look
look inspired by original video
14 days 18 hours ago
My look is inspired by the song title and she’s serving honey looking like a fruit market

The song
14 days 17 hours ago
*drags harp onstage* performing divers by joanna newsom she is indie and cool like me

look is inspired by the music video of the same name:
14 days 13 hours ago
latasha voiceover: look at me i have weird shit on my face, truly embodying bjork.

14 days 10 hours ago
Twinkies LaChapelle

The most iconic version of Hyperballad was the one a random contestant on X Factor Italia did in 2009. Yes. It was the only episode she was featured in. Still iconic. Change my mind.

“ Every morning I walk towards the edge
And throw little things off
Like car-parts, bottles and cutlery”

So I collected them all and made a look of them :
14 days 9 hours ago
this is the runway:

i literally look like joanna newsom irl and ik she wears a lot of dresses like this so here teehee

the performance:

stream such pretty forks in the road out july 31st!!!

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