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19 days 3 hours ago
Welcome ladies to the thirtieth season. For this season I invited as many winners as I could and gave them all the opportunity to choose a challenge and lipsync of their choosing. Each round I will spin a wheel to decide which challenge we will be doing for the round. If you have not noticed already there are some non-winning passengers aiming to finally get their crown as well. Everyone has been separated as Winners and Passengers for the near future. So, good luck ladies as this will be the longest season of Tayvie Drag Race EVER!

The first challenge is… *spins wheel*
My Little Pony OC!!! Here is what Sunshine Kitty had to say about the challenge.
“mlp oc like yes
[1:05 AM]
like the horse challenge in & the holograms
[1:05 AM]
i think?
Sunshine Kitty06/17/2020
basically yes”

and here is what that challenge was on season 26

“Only to my shock to find out I’ve never done a horse challenge before that bitch Sarah Jessica Parker was just a horse every runway, so basically your first runway will be horse themed. Good luck? You have 48 hours.”

The lipsync is…
18 days 17 hours ago
Shantneigh you stay!

Rehab is that OG season 1 bitch. She was hung like a horse in Season 1. 30 years later she is ruling the ranch as a ghost horse. She has the flow grey hair. The ghostly appearance...shes neighing...... I'll get the comedy better for the comedy challenges.
18 days 9 hours ago
Diarrhea Perlman:

18 days 7 hours ago

I thought I'd channel a classic meme for my runway this week. My cutie mark is a dead horse that I hope to beat in this competition.

and im using the trans flag colors because I am what? pandering.
18 days ago

Serving Dark Horse...NAAAAYYY
17 days 19 hours ago
Miss Idaho

Horse racing Champion Parvati and her jockey that got her there, Amanda!

Wanted to do a look based on horse racing
17 days 12 hours ago

This whorse is ready for anal - er, the runway.  save a horse, ride a horse
17 days 8 hours ago

Shetland-Anne Lydia von Schneider-Windinherhair went shopping at Whole Foods! Her Cutie Mark is a phone dialing 911!

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