J&M's: 'Tis The Szn

Hosts: jacksonjoseph99 & GiGi10
Production Assistant: anthousai

After a three-month hiatus & a name change, jacksonjoseph99 & GiGI10 are BACK, looking for 16 new houseguests to play in the series' first Big Brother group game!

Each week will be modeled after a different holiday, with all rounds featuring holiday-themed competitions and some rounds featuring brand new twists.
Ahmad (Midiaw)
Ashanti (KingGeek)
Ben K. (Kelly0412)
Bryce (temponeptune)
Dana (TotsTrashy)
Harry (harrywasnak)
Joey (joey65409)
Lukey (HowLovely)
Patty (GrrrImABear)
Ryan (Typhlosion37)
Tina (purplebb4)

17th: Ben P. (benp428) • 7-6 vote against Lukey
16th: Cameron (DrPepsi) • 6-6 vote against Joey, tie broken by Lukey
15th: Patrick Z. (unkown) • 9-3 vote against Ryan
14th: Batya (Batya) • 9-2 vote against Lukey
13th: Jimmy (BB5lover) • 6-4 vote against Tina
12th: Patrick J. (Patrick319) • 6-4 vote against Ben K.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ JURY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

11th: Dana (TotsTrashy) • 8-0 vote against Joey

Week 8 - 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨VALENTINE'S DAY👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨
Sun, Nov 29 - HoH #8 (LIVE, 7PM EST)
Mon, Nov 30 - Nominations due by 5PM EST, PoV #7 (LIVE, 7PM EST)
Tues, Dec 1 - Eviction #8 (5PM EST)

Week 9 - 👻HALLOWEEN👻
Tues, Dec 1 - HoH #9 (LIVE, 7PM EST)
Weds, Dec 2 - Nominations due by 5PM EST, PoV #8 (LIVE, 7PM EST)
Thurs, Dec 3 - Eviction #9 (5PM EST)
🌍 Series Overview
Season 1: Blood vs. Water
••• WINNER: Ahmed (Fighterman)
••• RUNNER-UP(s): Brendan (BrenLa), Austyn (Oysterman11)

Season 2: Total Madness
••• WINNERS: Ahmed (Fighterman), James (J2999)
••• FINALISTS: Austyn (Oysterman11), Christian (Christian_), Daniel (Natepresnell), Adam (mradamman12), Josh (Marlakk), Brad (Darbe), Ash (ashszoke)

Series History: https://tengaged.com/group/9903ef/forum/topic/23942524

Featured Players 17 playing

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J&M's: 'Tis The Szn

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