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The Big Survivor Brother

Welcome to The Big Survivor Brother - the utimate reality game show!

20 players enter the game and they are sorted randomly into two sides: 10 will be playing "Survivor" and 10 will be playing "Big Brother". This information will be kept secret between me and the player. However, the player is welcome to share this information with other players at their own risk. Each day, the 10 players on each side are instructed to vote certain ways. Ultimately, each side will choose a nominee and the two nominees will go against eachother in a duel, where they will play a challenge and whoever scores better will stay in the game. Your side (Survivor or Big Brother) will be hidden from the game until the game is over.

Survivors: Each day, you will vote for up to 3 players in the game who you want to see go to the duel. Keep in mind, you are allowed to vote for any of the 20 players in the game. The player with the most votes will go to the duel as the Survivor Nominee.

Big Brother: Each day, a random HOH will be selected. This player will select two nominees, and the other remaining big brother players will vote on who they would like to evict. Whoever recieves the most votes for eviction will go to the duel as the Big Brother Nominee.

Once there are only two remaining players on one of the sides, the two players will duel to stay in the game and the winner will join the other side and the rest of the game will be played like classic survivor until final 2 (or 3) is reached. In final 2 or 3, the vote is decided by the jury

If you miss 5+ votes, you will be removed from the game for inactivity.

The winner of this group game will receive a gift prize!

Applications will close on Thursday, May 21. Cast/role reveal will be Sunday, May 24. The game will begin with the first vote on Monday, May 25.

20 - Kayla (KaylaaS) vs Derek R
19 - Calvin (SmoothStalker12) vs Flip
18 - Shawn (Shawnlolpop123) vs Max
17 - Keith (DanielleDonato) vs Pete
16 - Drew (Tester) vs Pete
15 - John (joaoricos) vs Pete
14 - Haole (Haole) vs Flip
13 - Patrick (Pkpkpkpk) vs Max
12 - Rocky (humanwebjet1) inactivity
11 - Pete (Lopsided) vs Kinny
~~~ Calvin Returns ~~~
11 - Washed (Washed_Ravioli) vs Kinny
10 - Ryan (RL10) Survivor Day Twist
9 - Julian (ShaneDawson12345) inactivity
8 - Derek R. (Bigbodybones) vs Kinny
7 - Max (BURBERRY) vs Flip
6 - Derek C. (Durkheim47) vs Kinny
5 - Calvin (SmoothStalker12) vs Flip
4 - Ethan (ITZ3THAN) 2-2, 1-1, firemaking
3 - Flip (FlipFlops) auto-evict by Kinny

Flip (FlipFlops) - Secret Power
Kinny (Kindred7)
Senna (SennaRichards)

Secret Power
- I will mail this player what their power is. Only one person will have this power all game. Once this player is voted out, nobody will be able to inherit this power. You will be voting on who gets this power RIGHT NOW!

Power of Veto
- whoever finds this advantage will get to take a nominee out of the duel and allow the other nominee to choose his/her opponent. This advantage can only be used once. Found in the first blog of a user on Tengaged. Can be used as long as there are two sides, Survivor and Big Brother

Auto Evict
- whoever gets this advantage will be able to automatically vote someone out whenever they please. However this advantage is really difficult to find... people who win a duel will get a clue to this advantage. This advantage is found somewhere on Tengaged. Can be last used at final 3.

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