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Rod's Survivor Season 2: Sri Lanka

-[DAY 18]-

After a successful first season, Rod's Survivor is back for more. Soon, another group of 16 strangers will embark in the journey of a lifetime in the culturally diverse Sri Lanka. The 16 will have to outplay, outwit and outlast their fellow tribe members and battle the elements and themselves. In the end, someone will be crowned the second winner of Rod's Survivor. 39 days, 16 people, 1 SURVIVOR!



16th- Brian/BrainJak (Moratuwa) [Day 4; 5-1-1-1]
15th- Marek/MarekK27v2 (Vavuniya/Ratnapura) [Day 5; 2-1-1-1]
14th/13th- Turkey/turkeylover (Moratuwa/Vavuniya) [Day 7; 5-0]
14th/13th- Ethan/ITZ3THAN (Vavuniya/Ratnapura) [Day 7; 2-2/2-0]
12th- Brad/darbe (Vavuniya/Moratuwa/Moratuwa) [Day 8; 4-2]
11th- Vincent/VinSincent (Moratuwa/Vavuniya/Vavuniya) [Day 9; Rocked Out]
----MERGE & JURY----
10th- Alan/AlanDuncan (Vavuniya/Ratnapura/Vavuniya/Ceylon) [Day 11; 5-3-1-1]
9th- Honey/honeybunch1 (Vavuniya/Vavuniya/Moratuwa/Ceylon) [Day 13; 3-3-3*-1/4-3]
8th- X/FireX (Vavuniya/Moratuwa/Vavuniya/Ceylon) [Day 14; Rocked Out]
7th- Hoop/lhooper902976 (Moratuwa/Moratuwa/Moratuwa/Ceylon) [Day 15; 5-2]
6th- Meli/cereal222 (Moratuwa/Moratuwa/Moratuwa/Ceylon) [Day 17; 3-2-1]
5th- Kyle/RedsKanto (Vavuniya/Moratuwa/Vavuniya/Ceylon) [Day 18; 4-1]
4th- Wade/Wade (Moratuwa/Ratnapura/Moratuwa/Ceylon) [Day 20; 4-0]

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Rod's Survivor Season 2: Sri Lanka

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