Blog BBUK 2: Out for Blood

This group is for several things concerning the game:

1. Competitions that require a forum to be used.
2. General records of each season
3. Eviction Polls
4. Applications for future seasons

S1: Back To Basics
Days: 28
Housemates: 12 (3 Inacts)
Winner: Michelle/ Shellbelle
Runner Up: Pi/ 3pi14159
3rd: Flip / Flipflops
Finale total votes: 72

S2: Out for Blood
Days: ?
Housemates: 12
Runner Up:

HM1: Gera Gerasimov
HM2: Ethan Itz3than
HM3: Rose Seaviper
HM4: Brog Broggo
HM5: Patrick Pkpkpkpk
HM6: Jessica BrightonGal
HM7: Zach Dbonee
HM8: Malachi Gumball221520
HM9: Ailee Jameslu
HM10: Lana Turkeylover
HM11: Clover Nateclove
HM12: Robert RobertJacks19

12th: Robert RobertJacks19 (7-5-3) Day 9

Featured Players 12 playing

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  1. [S2] Eviction 113 hours 55 min ago
  2. [S1] Finale Vote12 days 3 hours ago

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