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15 days 4 hours ago
Tomorrow at 8pm EST.  It will be a non-live challenge.
14 days 7 hours ago
14 days 7 hours ago
14 days 6 hours ago
Come on in guys, Luceres getting their first look at the new Ramnes tribe, Barbra voted out at the last tribal council. I'll now take back tribal immunity Luceres as it is once again back up for grabs.

Tonight's challenge will test how good you're with puzzles.  However, there's a small twist tonight as only "FIVE" individuals from each tribe will be taking part.  In front of you guys is the season logo for Survivor Rome - Old School vs. New School.

The tribe with the best combined time wins immunity and are safe from tonight's vote.   In addition, the winning tribe will receive a clue to the hidden immunity idol back at their camp.  The losing tribe will head to tribal council where one of you will be the third person voted out and sent to the arena.

--> You only get one submission and "MUST" be sent via Tengaged Mails.
--> The first five to message me per tribe will be the accepted submissions.
--> In the event of a tie, the tribe to send all their submissions first wins.
--> You must also do a full screenshot (EX: ).

The deadline is 8pm EST tomorrow.
13 days 6 hours ago
Old School
Dana (TotsTrashy) - 4:30
Christian (HipposUnite) - 4:53
Dono (donosaurus_rex) - 4:54
LeQuisha (LusciousLips5) - 5:22
Natasha (Blondelle) - 5:35

Total: 25:14


New School
James (J2999) - 3:36
Michelle (MichelleFitzgerald) - 3:37
Tina (purplebb4) - 4:48
Hufus (Hufus) - 4:51
Brittany (LaFierceBrittany) - 5:15
Total: 22:07
13 days 6 hours ago
New School wins immunity and reward!
13 days 6 hours ago
13 days 6 hours ago
13 days 6 hours ago

YESSSS OMG!!!! Good Luck, Old School 馃槄
13 days 6 hours ago

Get a life.
13 days 6 hours ago
Ugh lol

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