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Survivor Cyprus | Immunity Challenge #9

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24 days 2 hours ago
Tomorrow at 6:30pm EST.  It will be a semi-live challenge.
22 days 1 hour ago
This will be endurance-based and will be posted tomorrow at 7pm EST.
22 days ago
Welcome to your first individual immunity challenge!

Today’s challenge will be a test of endurance and take place over Skype.

At any point, you may message me over Skype to collect your first flag by posting "collects flag 1". To collect your next flag you must wait for YOUR first post to reach one hour on Skype.  Afterward, you may post "collects flag 2" and so on and so forth.  Your score ends once you miss a flag.

The challenge will end on 4/17 (Saturday) at 7pm EST and has no time limit.  In other words, someone could hypothetically get thirty flags (thirty flags is an example). The player with the most flags wins immunity and is guaranteed a 1 in 12 shot of winning this game.  In addition, they'll receive a clue to the merge idol.  The rest vulnerable tonight where one of you will be the tenth person voted out.

--> If there is a tie, the person who started first will win.
--> If you miss your next flag by even a minute the challenge is over for you.

This challenge cannot be started until 7pm EST tomorrow (Thursday).
22 days ago
This is just fucking cruel especially knowing you're just gonna get white girl wasted while we "collect flags" for 2 days...
18 days 13 hours ago
Deshon (deshonBANNEDISBACK) - 7
Mike (ForceMike1) - 8
Pietro (_Ravenclaw_) - 8
Shadi (Chastain) - 18
Sydney (Guigi) - 13
Sam (s73100) - 4
Brian (FireX) - 7
Yung (Yunggunzkeep18) - 5
Arek (Arris) - 14

Shadi wins immunity and reward!

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