BigBen's Survivor: All Stars III

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Congratulations to Kellen (Kennel123) on winning Survivor Japan!

As the summer begins to come a close.  BigBen Survivor intends to host one last season before taking a potential hiatus.  The third generation and my return to the site was sparked by COVID-19 which left individuals forcing themselves to quarantine from the public.  While, it's brought upon some of the best dates ever set in series history.  Normality begins to set it's way back in and with that being said this could be the last season for awhile. 

However, to wrap up the summer.  The series marches on to air the third and final edition of All Stars.  Everyone casted comes with their own unique story and how they managed to secure their spot on the season.  Some individuals were considered the Goliath's dominating throughout the course of the game as respective masterminds.  While other's could be viewed as the David's fighting from the bottom and showing off their underdog story.  Regardless, the case they'll be fighting under the same conditions as this will prove to be the twistiest season to date.  It will add a new layer to the game that has yet to be tested in the series.  In the end only one individual can walk away with the million dollar prize.  39 Days! 20 Castaways! One Sole Survivor!

Ten are left... who will be voted out tonight? 

Lapu-Lapu *Sapphire Buffs*

Chandler (Chandelier) - Laos
Eric (awwsum11) - Azores
Hufus (Hufus)  - Rome
James R. (J2999) - Rome
Jan (DarkTyphoon23) - Suriname
Jimmy (BB5lover) - Rome
JJ (LEANNA) - Suriname
Kellen (Kennel123) - Japan
Travis (Johns4250) - Suriname
Tyler (jungleman111) - Japan

20th: Alf (Electric) [Balabac] (9-1)
19th: Washed (Washed_Ravioli) [Balabac] (5-2-2(0))
18th: Nathan (nmh95) [Balabac] (6-2)
17th: Brian (cfff) [Tawitawi] (7-3)
**Tribe Swap**
16th: Cameron (DrPepsi) [Balabac/Balabac] (4-1)
15th: Niko (nhulse19) [Tawitawi/Balabac] (4-1)
14th: Keith (DanielleDonato) [Tawitawi/Mactan] (5(0)-3(0)-1)
13th: James (jamessmith5) [Balabac/Mactan/Lapu-Lapu] (7-4-2) *1st Member of the Jury*
12th: Skyler (Sweez) [Tawitawi/Balabac/Lapu-Lapu] (7-5) *2nd Member of the Jury*
11th: Daniel (DanielzSnooz) [Tawitawi/Balabac/Lapu-Lapu] (7-4) *3rd Member of the Jury*
10th: ??? (?) [???/???/Lapu-Lapu] (?) *4th Member of the Jury*

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• Generation 3:

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