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16 days 9 hours ago
Hello ladies despite obvious social distancing laws, you have merged into one big infectious group.

Cartoonisha, Fashion Issa Miss-ile, Foreshadow are immune, you still need to post you can't slack off. If you do not post I will be removing your immunity.

Since there are a whopping 22 of you still in quarantine, this challenge will require you to show your best talent.

Your runway will be what you wear when you're doing your talent.

you have 48 hours.

the lipsync is...
16 days 8 hours ago
*spooky unique queen walks onto the stage and pulls out her flute playing this iconic masterpiece*

*spooky unique queen being very spooky and unique summons a 3 headed dragon*
*She watches as the dragon fires beams out of its mouth destroying some girls make ups places and killing michelle visage for having bad taste*
*spooky unique queen summons a terribly made dragon to fight the other one.*
*two fight and eventually die where spooky unique queen stands on their bodies and dabs bc shes unique*
16 days 7 hours ago
16 days 6 hours ago
For my talent show:

I am roleplaying as a 7 year old girl who's getting ready to sing a overdramatic indie verison of Superbass by Nicki Minaj in front of her whole school of 184 children.

15 days 10 hours ago
Coco Puff Talent Spoken Word

Dear fellow Dark Skin Girl
Your important
Skin deep with melanin
Popping beyond belief
Glistening in the sun like a disco ball
Even tho society doesn’t love like I do
Just remember the value stored in you
Ur a goddess and incomparable
Hair as strong as wool
Eyes as golden as honey
Lips plump like a balloon
People may bring you down
Recall that a fellow dark skin girl has your back
Recall that you r not the only one
Recall that you have power
Dark Skin Girl
15 days 10 hours ago
CF: Coco Puff choosing to do a spoken word to her "fellow dark skin girl" was a choice. Like, I'm all for African-American empowerment, but you look like an Israeli.
15 days 9 hours ago
15 days 9 hours ago
15 days 8 hours ago
15 days 7 hours ago
Talent -

Runway - https://imgur.com/a/uefK2Jx

Wuhan Wong is doing the best in the competition. Her skill is being able to cook fast! She was the best chef at the Wuhan Seafood Market before Corona and since her arm was lost to Corona she has been practicing one handed!

Her is Wuhan in action. She is wearing her traditional China flag skirt. She is snatched in her AliExpress Gema Weave with Shades bought from Jakeyonce's supplier.

Watch Wuhan in action as she completes the whole Sword/Shield Curry Dex in 23min and 3 seconds!
15 days 2 hours ago
Mary Beth’s Runway: https://imgur.com/a/y4AoUDx

Mary Beth’s Talent: https://youtu.be/njWL8woekB8
15 days 2 hours ago
Mauf Opin’s talent is making bird noises demonstrated here:

Mauf’s runway is a bird but like fashionable.

Hope I win!
15 days 2 hours ago
https://youtu.be/nE9Ldb3__Zg Mauf’s talent (link wouldn’t work)
14 days 23 hours ago
My talent is doing some morning aerobics

runway: https://i.imgur.com/asuZIoj.jpg

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