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Tengaged World Song Contest Reboot

(Originally started by adeleadele, but re-booted by a group of players that miss it :(

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Tengaged World Song Contest is a Eurovision styled game, where players are given a country, and must send in a song from an artist from that country!

WINNERS: (E= Edition, WQ= World Qualifiers)

Africa/ Oceania qualifiers: TBA
Asia's qualifiers: TBA
Europe's qualifiers: TBA
America's qualifiers: TBA
E11: United Kingdom/ Nina Nesbiit~ Chewing gum (Patrick319)
E10: Sweden/ Zara Larsson~ Lush Life (nahuelaqua300)
WQ3: Belgium/ K3~ 10.000 luchtballonnen (adeleadele)
E9: France/ Jain~ Come (Varlto)
E8: Canada/ Shania Twain~ Man! I feel like a woman (PrincessTeePee)
E7: China/MILCK~ Quiet (Alexeh23)
WQ2: Finland/ Softengine~ Yellow house (PrincessTePee)
E6: Japan/ BABYMETAL~ Shanti Shanti Shanti (Patrick319)
E5: Italy/ Emma~ Io Sono Bella (Ryan5676)
E4: Spain/ Ruth Lorenzo~ Underworld (Ryan5676)
WQ1: Poland/ Sylwia Grzeszczak~ Rakiety (Patrick319)
E3: Spain/ Fuel Fandango~ Salvaje (Ryan5676)
E2: Netherlands/ Davina Michelle~ Skyward (adeleadele)
E1: South Korea/ Ailee~ Room Shaker (Hellocat)

After the cancellation part-way through edition 12, the show was rebooted with the continent qualifiers! Here, between 10-16 Tengagers can submit for whatever country in that continent. The top 3-4 finishers in each will get a permanent spot until the next World Qualifers, where the 5 lowest averaging countries and removed!




The voting is very important! Each contest, if you are competing, you must send the host how many pints you want to send from the songs in the edition, from a 12-1 template, like how the Eurovision jury works!

12- Favorite
10- Second favorite
8- Third favorite
7- Fourth
6- Fifth
5- Sixth
4- Seventh
3- Eighth
2- Ninth
1- Tenth
0- Any others that didn't place in you're top 10!

Votes must be sent anonymously :)

Failure to vote means you will lose 50% of you're country's scores!


The shows will tend to happen on Fridays, but what time depends on the host!

You will have a week to submit you're song, and after that another week to comment/ send scores to the host

Sunday- Country draw show (Only happens in regular editions)
Sunday- Friday (Send you're performance)
Friday- Friday (Send you're votes and comment)
Friday- Sunday confirm participation in the next contest (Not needed for the world qualifiers)

Failure to comment will mean you'll lose 25% of you're countries score!


Artists can be used more than once, but can't be used in back-to-back editions
No covers
The artist must come from that country
A song used once can not be used again- although it's artist can

No trading votes (1 strike)
You can't reveal which country you are until the official reveal at the results! (2 strikes)
You can't reveal you're song to anyone but the host (2 strikes)
No racist/ Homophobic/ Transphobic (Etc) comments allowed (Depends on case- but usually 1 strike)

And have fun :)

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World Qualifiers: North and South America
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