Singing Sensation-The Return (Apps Clos)

Singing Sensation has returned- with an all new format, all new performers and a host that has her shit together (At Last)

This season, 32 talented singers will take on the fierce judges, and each other, but in the end, only one will remain to claim the title of Singing Sensation!

The path to get there will not be easy- nobody is safe. One wrong note...and your dreams will come crashing down!

Who has what it takes, to claim the golden speaker and the $100,000 dollar prize that accompanies it? Only time will tell!

*Eight seperate, live performances are required to participate*


The Bloodbath Stage 1

Our 28 competitors are split up into four groups, each of seven. The judges will rank the performances, giving seven points to their favorite and 1 point to their least favorite. The points will be tallied- and the top 5 from each heat will advance- with the bottom 2 being immediately eliminated

The Bloodbath Stage 2

This will work the same as stage one- with the same acts in each heat. The judges will this time rank the performances from the best, 5-1, the worst. The top three from each heat moves on, with the bottom two heading home

The Live Shows

The final 12 will all merge into one group. They will once again send performances, and the judges will rank them, giving the highest points to their favorite and the least to their least favorite. The act with the least points is immediately eliminated, meanwhole the two acts with the second and third lowest points will have to compete in a battle- where they send a new performance, and the judges picks who survives. This performance can be used in the main show later on. The system will continue like this:


The Finals

For the final round, the remaining two acts will send three performances- their song of the season, a new performance, and an underrated performance (A performance that didn't wasn't one of that act's three most successfull scorers). The judges will score these performances out of ten, and the act that recieves the most will win!

The Judges:

Chris (Chris2pei)
Megan (Adamslater13)
Sea (SeaViper)

Featured Players 8 playing

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