Singing Sensation Season 1 (Pre-Live 1)

Singing Sensation is the latest singing group game on the block, where everything is in the hands of our three judges!


1: Chloe x Hallie (Ajathekween)
2: Megan Mckenna (Brandonh1)
3: Connie Talbot (Ryan5676)- #TeamMeganWildCard


1: Jessie J (Jfaia)
2: Katie Kadan (Brandonh1)
3: Calum Scott (Brandonh1)- #TeamDylanWildCard


1: Haley Reinhart (Jameslu)- #TeamKimberlyWildCard
2: Ali Caldwell (Jameslu)
3: Jennifer Hudson (Brandon1h)


Alisan Porter
Nicole Cross
Mario Jose
Leroy Sanchez


Vincint Cannday (Jfaia)/ Team Megan
Dami Im (Tswiftlover13)/ Team Dylan
Brooke Simpson (Hellocat)/ Team Kimberly
MaKenzie Thomas (Jfaia)/ Team Redemption
Dylan Gover (DylanGover1)/ Team Redemption


Evanescence (Ajbbsuperfan)/ Team Megan
Beyonce (Ajbbsuperfan)/ Team Megan
Chynna Taylor (Ajbbsuperfan)/ Team Dylan
Calum Scott (Brandonh1)/ Team Dylan/#TeamDylanWC
Connie Talbot (Ryan5675)/ Team Kimberly/#TeamMeganWC
Maelyn Jarmon (Hellocat)/ Team Megan
Boyce Avenue (Hellocat)/ Team Dylan
Morissette (Hellocat)/ Team Kimberly
Haley Reinhart (Jameslu)/Team Kimberly/#TeamKimberlyWC


Each judge has six slots. The performer performs, and the judges say if they want that person on their team or not. If nobody wants them, the singer is instantly eliminated. If only 1 judge wants them, they automatically go into that judge's slot. If more than 1 wants them, the singer will pick

(The individual will post in their stage 1 forum which judge they want)

Once a judge has all 6 of their slots filled, the brutality begins. If another singer comes on, the judge can still say yes, however,, they would have to swap out one of their own slots for them. The swapped out competitor could then get stolen by another judge, but if they aren't they are eliminated. This continues until all three judges have their six slots filled up. If all singers have performed, and a judge still isn't full, they can bring back an eliminated player! Once all of the slots are filled, there's no changing!


For the second stage, the singers stay with their judge. The judge puts them into three pairs. These pairs will then battle against each other, with the judge picking one to stay on their team, and the other to get eliminated.

Once all three judges are down to three, each judge picks a contestant eliminated in this stage to join their team, taking the total per team to 4 (6 eliminated)


In the fourth stage, each singer performs, but not for their judge. The other two judges give them a score out of ten for their performance. The singer with the lowest combined score on each team is eliminated. There are no more comebacks (3 eliminated)


Stage 4 is the same as stage three, but with the two highest scorers from each team advancing (3 eliminated)


Stage 5 is the penultimate stage. The teams are abandoned, and they all go into one. The acts then perform in front of all three judges, and the judges score them. The two lowest scorers then perform a new performance in a sing-off, and the judges pick who survives (1 eliminated each show)

This continues until the final 3!


This is the finale! The singers perform 1 previous song, and 1 new song. The judges score them, and the highest scored act WINS the game! (2 eliminated- 1 winner)

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Singing Sensation Season 1 (Pre-Live 1)

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