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1634 days 10 hours ago
Below are a group of Skills anyone could honestly learn regardless of the living conditions within their District. Following the Application Process, you will be allowed to choose one Skill from the list below to give to your character. There are skills which can eliminate your District's Penalties, but others may be too tempting to resist.

Sprinter -
Can cover distances 2x as fast. This means a boost to your speed both in the Bloodbath AND when moving around the Arena. This speed boost will not help you in combat, it is only for movement through space.

Craftsman - [Tributes from 4 Automatically have this Skill]
Tributes can craft from supplies (logically) that they find throughout the Arena. Nothing too extravagant, but they can create makeshift weapons, nets, shelter, and more.

Excellent Hearing -
Allows you to pick up on subtle sounds around you including: Breathing / Speech (Whispering) / Movement (Even when Sneaking) making it almost impossible to sneak up on you, and easy for you to locate those hiding around you. Also allows you to hear things farther away than others such as running water, animal sounds, parachutes, etcetera.

Throwing Arm -
Can throw objects including non-weapons with accuracy. Be it stones, branches, whatever. If you can chuck it, you can plant it somewhere unpleasant. (Yes this means you could potentially stone someone to death).

Light Sleeper -
Should someone come around while you or your Character are asleep, your Tribute will notice and hide/run away. Will not work if the Tribute is exhausted, however.

Pickpocket -
Allows you to sneak about and steal from other's pockets, bags, packs, and more. Someone with the pickpocket skill can take from a sleeping person and they'd never know. They can steal from someone mid-fight (though you'd probably be noticed doing that). Overall someone with this skill can take anything at anytime. It's just getting away with it that's an issue.

Intelligence - [Tributes from 3/5 Automatically have this Skill]
Intelligent Bonus gives a Tribute the ability to learn an additional Non-Combat skill prior to the Games. While other Districts are limited to 3 skills total, someone using this can learn a fourth. If used by a Tribute from Districts 3 or 5, it means they can learn 5 skills total, outclassing all other Tributes in the Training Process.

Balanced Meals -
This Bonus eliminates the Weak Arm Penalty of Districts 3 / 5 / 9 / 10 / 11 / and 12. Thanks to your position in the District, you've been fed a lot better than others, meaning you can learn how to use Heavy Weaponry, and block them just as effectively as any other Tribute.

Evasive Maneuvers -
This ability gives a Tribute enhanced agility during combat, and the ability to dodge/block attacks more often than their counterparts when on the defensive. Thanks to enhanced mental and physical speed, they are capable of evading some deadly strikes that would sound of cannons in any other situation.

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