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Rules and Regulations

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1635 days 5 hours ago
This topic will be EXTENSIVE. First and foremost, an explanation of the Games.

This is an RP-based Group Game in which 24 Tributes (or competitors) are sent into an Arena to fight to the death. Once a sole survivor remains, they will be crowned our Victor. During the Games, Tributes may use any and all means necessary to cut down the number of competitors. In other words, kill one another.

Tributes may die by another's hand, or they might die to the Arena. These Arenas are each one different in their own way. Inside are all manner of traps, mutts (or mutated animals), and of course mother nature herself. You can die to the cold just as easily as you can die to someone's blade.

Below you will find a complete list of rules, specifically describing how to perform most actions, as well as rules regarding common etiquette within the Arena, and without.
1634 days 15 hours ago
The Application Process –

Unlike in past Games, your Application Process will be detailed by some Randomness in order to make it closer to a REAL reaping. Your Application will be created in the following manner (example):

Name: Christan Delevorto
Gender: Male
Age Range: 13-15
District Favorites: 5, 9, 10, 11

You will state your Tribute’s Name (which is changeable prior to the Games), your Gender (unchangeable), your Age Range (you don’t get to decide your actual age. You must submit at LEAST 3 possible ages), and the four Districts you’d most like to be a part of.

Your name MUST be acceptable. If you cannot come up with a good name, I can offer you a website which gives you a list of random male, female, and non-gender names which would be perfectly acceptable in the Hunger Games.
1634 days 15 hours ago
The Reaping –

Basically a glorified Cast Reveal. Following the Application Process, we will hold the Reaping (once we have 24+ people who could reasonably play and at LEAST 12 of each gender).

The Reaping will go as such:
Prior to the actual event, players will be Random.orged in each District they chose as a possibility, one at a time. For example, all Tributes who put District 1 on their Applications as one of the 4 options, would be random.orged. One male and One female would be chosen, and the rest would move on. District 2’s Reaping would go much the same. And so on and so forth. If nobody has applied for some District positions, then whenever the Reaping is over and all of the positions which WERE applied for have been filled, Tributes who did not get into any of their four choices will be randomly assigned to those open spots. So, there is the possibility that NONE of the positions you apply for will accept you, and you’ll be randomly assigned another District entirely.

A person’s age will be random.orged between the choices you made on the Application using the list funciton. The youngest age option will have 1 chance, the next youngest will have 2 chances, so on and so forth, which means you’ll more than likely get the OLDEST option, but can still get the youngest. It’s all down to chance.
1634 days 15 hours ago
The Final Word –

Following the Reaping, each player will be mailed a detailed description of their Tribute, including their District, Age, and the Bonuses and Penalties that come with those options.

Once they’ve reviewed it, they will be allowed to edit their Application somewhat. You can change your name, and then you get to choose a Skill. Each person can acquire one skill which anyone could reasonably have, and will be listed in their own topic. Your skill MAY be able to remove your District’s Penalty, which would be a decent help in the Games for quite a few of you.

Once you’ve decided on your Name and Skill, the Games are officially on. And your character is officially one of the 24 Tributes who will step into the Arena.
1634 days 15 hours ago
The Training Days –

Following the Final Word, Players will enter what we call “The Training Days” after the board game of the same name. Tributes will be permitted to learn ONE Major skill which can help them in the Games per day. Skills such as Weaponry, Combat, Survival Skills, etcetera may come in handy during the Games. For example:

One will not naturally know how to make a fire. If you don’t go to the Fire-Making stations, you won’t learn how to use it. Sorry Charlie. IDC if you googled it. Google is NOT your ally today.

One will not naturally know how to use a bow (except in the Career Districts of course). You don’t get to decide “Hey Ima learn this in 3 days and Katniss this shit”. Some characters CAN learn it, but they will be specifically told so during the “Final Word”.

Each day, Tributes will get to learn a singles skill. Which means by the time the Games roll around, they will have 3 which can help them survive.
1634 days 15 hours ago
The Rest Day -

The Final Day of Training marks the beginning of a "Rest Day" in which Gamemakers can have some fun. Sometimes we Interview Players who want to add some flair to the Games. Sometimes we simply post the "Training Scores" of each District for all to see. But no matter what, something happens.

Training Scores will ALWAYS take place. Gamemakers get together, look over your Character's bio (including skills, bonuses, penalties, etcetera), and decide on an average score for you. If you've been active, entertaining, and seem to be getting along with your fellow Tributes, you get a higher score. If you've been inactive, haven't interacted with many people, or didn't even train at some points, you're getting a lower score.

What does this help with anything? Well the hope of this is that some people want to WATCH the Hunger Games in the Future. And when they see who is doing well in Training, they'll know who to watch once the Games start. And maybe who to help out along the way? You don't want to help out a loser, but you DO want to help out someone who you think deserves it. Someone who is LEGITIMATELY trying.
1634 days 14 hours ago
The Bloodbath -

By far one of the most important moments in the Games. The Bloodbath marks the BEGINNING of the official Hunger Games. All 24 Tributes are lifted into the Arena via elevators in a semi-circle around a great Metal Horn that sits in the ground. Between the horn and the semi-circle of Tributes, a vast store of supplies, weapons, backpacks, and all sorts of goodies will reside. Within the horn, better supplies will exist, but it will be a fight to get them out.

Tributes will have a list of supplies show up prior to the Gong sounding off, which they can review for ONE MINUTE before the gong sounds, decide where they need to go, and proceed with caution. If they attempt to step off of their pedestals before the Gong sounds off, they will blow up and die. Once the gong sounds, the Games have begun.

The Cornucopia Bloodbath, unlike in previous years, will be made up like the old arenas. A grid-form will be set up of 9 square blocks (3x3 map) and your character will begin in ONE of the outlying sections, with the Horn in the very center. Movement from one grid to another will take time, but this means your character can grab items within their own grid IMMEDIATELY after the Gong sounds rather than having to wait 1-3 minutes like in my old Games.

This also means, the blood will spill faster. In the Bloodbath, players can physically attack people within their own grids, and can shoot or throw weapons into any grids around the Cornucopia. Tributes WITHIN the Cornucopia are limited to only attacking other people within the Cornucopia, even if they have shooting or throwing weapons.

Unlike in past Games, Fighting will take place IN THE HEAT OF THE MOMENT. So if you attack someone, you must stop and wait for the battle to take place right then and there. No running around and grabbing more supplies.

If you wish to flee the Bloodbath, you must simply post *runs* or *flees*. You will then have to wait a few minutes for your tribute to escape via running through the other sections, but cannot be physically attacked during your run.


Auto Kills -
Some characters will automatically be killed off should someone attack them. Examples include: Inactives and people who attempt to flee after being attacked but before the fight can occur.

Inventory Limits -
You are limited in what you can carry. You can only have ONE item strapped to your back (a bow and quiver count as one in this scenario ONLY. No other items can be doubled down) and you can only carry TWO weapons at maximum in your hands. If you are carrying a heavy weapon like a broadsword or heavy axe, you can only carry ONE weapon. So hoes running around like "Ill grab a spear, an axe, a mace, a bow, a backpack, body armor, and some rope" yeah no.

Bloodbath End -
Once the fighting stops, the Bloodbath is officially at an end. People no longer HAVE to flee, so if a Career Alliance wishes to take over the Cornucopia, that is entirely up to them, they will not be forced into abandoning it immediately.
1634 days 14 hours ago
The Hunger Games -

Now that we've gotten through the Pre-Games and the Bloodbath, it's time to delve into the rules surrounding the actual Killing Games you will be playing in. The Hunger Games follows some basic rules, which I will lay out first, and then I will include the rules regarding such things as Movement, Arena Size, Events, Fighting, etcetera. The Goal of the Hunger Games is to outlive your Competitors. You can do this in several different ways. Firstly, by eliminating the Competition in combat. After the Bloodbath, some of you will set out on this path, hunting for your fellow Tributes in order to make the Games end a bit faster. Another method is just to wait them out. As you'll soon find out, effects of Dehydration, Starvation, Exhaustion, etcetera will be in effect during these Games. Which means a Survivalist COULD in fact win these Games.

Movement -

One of the most basic rules of the Games is Movement. If you walk around, you will find things, and things will find you. Be it mutts, enemies, or just traps, things will happen. Staying put is a strategy few can pull off cause people are just so damn impatient. Movement takes place by mailing a Head Gamemaker a key direction you wish to move in. Be it North, East, Southwest, or even towards things you've found like "Can I go back to the river I found yesterday?". Be careful, however.

In these Games, the Arenas will be MUCH larger, with grid squares taking an hour to 30 minutes to cross over. HOWEVER your position will be noted within them, so someone following you isn't just gonna catch up cause they entered the same region. You can send your Character in one direction for a few hours if you have to go inact, but please note some specific rules regarding this idea.

#1 - If you leave your Tribute moving in a certain Direction while you are inact, your Tribute will not stop. Which means if they draw near the border... Zap. Boom goes the cannon. It would be wise to set a limit on how far you want them to go. For example if you can see something in the distance, or if you just tell the Gamemaker a time limit for movement.

#2 - They will not be hidden. Obviously a tribute wandering in a single direction is not going to be stealthy. Your tribute WILL be out in the open for anyone to see if they are close by, which could lead to another Cannon.

#3 - After a few hours, your Tribute will collapse. Nobody can consistently walk in one direction forever. At some point, they will fall asleep. Out in the open. In full view of the world. They will remain there until you come back online and help them out.
1634 days 14 hours ago
The Arena -

Movement leads us to the next part of this topic. The Arena itself. The Arenas are each and every one unique. You could be in a jungle, on an island, or under a canyon. No matter the Arena, a few constants do exist between each and every one of them. A list of supplies and inhabitants which will ALWAYS remain.

#1 - Mutts
Mutations (or Mutts) are hybrid animals (or even plants) which exist solely to amuse the Gamemakers. They may attack you, they may creep you out, they may exist solely to make you worry. You never know. And they are EVERYWHERE.

#2 - Flora
Plant Life exists in EVERY environment. I don't care if it's underground moss in caverns, trees as high as skyscrapers, or bushes and flowers growing in the jungles. You can and will find flora in any environment. Some is life-bringing, some is deadly. Beware.

#3 - Fauna
There will always be normal animals throughout the Arenas. Deer in the forests. Scorpions in the Deserts. Snakes in the Jungle. Animals will be all around. And are normally a plentiful food supply if you're smart enough to catch them. But most of you aren't smart so... :P

#4 - Aqua
Water will ALWAYS be present in the Games. No matter what, there will be a way of gathering liquid refreshment. It's up to you to determine how to get it. In rivers and streams, in ponds and entire oceans, it exists.
1634 days 14 hours ago
Health Issues -

Unlike in past Games, real life health issues will play a major role in the Games to come. If you don't eat, you're starving. If you don't drink, you're thirsty. If you don't sleep, you're exhausted. If you go days without fixing these issues, you're DEAD.

Dehydration -
A quick killer, if you don't get something to Drink within a few days, you'll be weak. If you wait a whole week... well you won't be waiting anymore.

Starvation -
It kills you slower, but weakens you faster. Once you start burning through your fat supplies, its only a matter of time before someone kills your weak-ass self.

Infection -
Not cleaning or caring for a wound properly will lead to a bad wound which could end your life within a few DAYS if not fixed.

Blood Loss -
When gravely injured, Blood Loss can kill in minutes. Not hours. MINUTES. Act fast and stay alive. Move too slowly or give up and it's time for another Cannon.
1634 days 14 hours ago
Inventory Rules -

Inventories normally don't have rules besides a Limit on the number of items you can carry. That's plain dumb. I'm sorry but suzie mcmuffins the 12 year old from district 11 carrying 4 spears 3 full backpacks 2 full sets of body armor and 1 partridge in a pear tree is so fuckin dumb. And so, a revised list of things you can and cannot do regarding INVENTORY.

#1 - Weaponry Limits
You can't carry every fucking weapon anymore. A heavy weapon will take both of your hands, though some will have sheaths on your back, lessening the load somewhat. Light weapons normally have sheaths as well, which allow you to carry more. But as far as PHYSICALLY carrying weapons like spears, swords, etcetera, you can't just carry 50 things. You are hereby LIMITED to carrying ONE weapon at a time, though you can have others on your body.

#2 - Your Back is Limited
You can't carry two backpacks. You can't have a bow and quiver on your back at the same time as a fucking two-handed axe. Your back is LIMITED. From this point on, you can have ONE bag or storage type object on your back, and ONE weapon (or set).

#3 - Speed will be Affected
If you're carrying a full backpack and a damn axe, you'll be 10x slower than someone trying to run away from you even if they are in poorer health. You cannot weigh yourself down and expect to keep up. Not happening.
1634 days 14 hours ago
Combat -

Now for the most important piece de resistance. The Combat section. Combat is a necessary and often GRAPHIC way to move these Games along. It can be BRUTAL and the end may be worse off than anyone anticipates. In Games past, we've had alleys littered with bodies, feasts where there were more dead than living by the end of it, Combat is an ever-evolving set of circumstances that will shock and surprise even the most TALENTED of veterans.

#1 - Initiating Combat
As one might suspect, anyone can initiate Combat with someone by either attacking them or simply challenging them. Activating a trap CAN initiate combat as well if you're intent is to control them so you can kill them.

#2 - Fighting
All combat takes place in mails. While participating, players will mail the host (AND ONLY THE HOST) the actions they would like to use. There is no preparation stage. No "He does this, so what do you do?". You act in the moment, and your actions may or may not end your life.

Examples of actions:

*I swing my sword at his head*
*I shoot an arrow at his stomach*

#3 - Death
At some point in the combat, you will no longer have the option to flee. It is kill or be killed. And only one will walk away alive. When a winner has been determined, a death scene will be mailed to both players, a message from the host thanking them for their gameplay, and a cannon will sound off in the main group. This marks the end of a Tribute's life, and one step closer to the end for the remaining participants.
1634 days 14 hours ago
Events -

Throughout the Games, events will occur which shape the fabric of the Victor's story. Events which cause death, bring people together, or simply shake up the current state of the Arena. One cannot totally prepare for the events which take place, but they can be ready to act when they occur.

The Bloodbath -
The Bloodbath is the first official event of the Hunger Games, where hopefully 1/3rd to 1/2 of the Tributes are eliminated. It normally takes the most time out of any event besides the Finale due to the vast amount of actions taking place.

Unnatural Disasters -
Everything from an earthquake to a tornado could happen thanks to the Gamemakers. If Tributes aren't active, if people aren't dying, and if the Games are getting boring, the Gamemakers will use a Natural Disaster to shake up the playing field. Flooding a forest, tearing apart the natural protection of a jungle, or destroying a mountain are not out of the question. Anything which slows the Games down will be dealt with harshly.

The Feast -
At some point in the Games, a feast will be announced. What is at the Feast normally varies, from banquets of food to weapons or even specific items the Tributes need. Whatever the case, it draws the few Tributes who remain together. Normally it takes place after the final 8 have been decided, but sometimes can come earlier than that if the bloodloss has been slow.

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