Popular Or So Not Popular-Day 8

Welcome to Popular Or So Not Popular Season 1-New World
Host-FireX 🔥

This game has 3-4 Phases!!!

🔥Phase 1🔥
Free For all: unlike most games that start you out on a team i want to see if you deserve to and want to be HERE. This is all about Comps and Social play. Keep yourself safe by beating out TWO People OR show us you can work the Cast. The 2 people who fail to finish the comp or do the worst will be sent to the LIST. just like BB its a eviction type format where the players determine if you are Popular or NOT SO POPULAR. In this GAME you are nothing without popularity.

🔥Phase 2🔥
Teamwork: this might or might not be in your season depending on the cast size just beware of that. This is pretty straight forward. I will split people into 2-4 Teams where 1 team will Lose and have to vote 1 person OFF. The team that came in first will HOWEVER be saving 1 person from the losing team and it will only revealed if they ended with the most votes.

🔥Phase 3🔥
Everyone for Themselves: This is like a Merge but WORSE. In this phase anything can and will happen. There will be a daily Comp winner(s) and they will put 2 people up For elimination and the House will VOTE for 1 of them to Leave. However unlike BB you can win this each and every week. So it is possible to win out just beware the amount of blood you are getting on your hands

🔥Phase 4🔥
Whos So Popular: a WINNER is decided FINALLY but heres the catch...Everyone eliminated from this game...Gets a Say in Who wins. Question is did you get to know enough people in this cast to be declared the MOST POPULAR? Also this phase we can see 2-3 people be in the end

Do YOU have what it takes to be the most POPULAR or will you Crash and Burn on your way there?

Logan H. ☺/ lhooper902976
Tristyn A. 😈 / TMAN54445
Colin C. 😢 / ColinCoco
Kevin L. 😠 / Kevin0621
Latisha H. 🍓 / Latisha098
Jasoi A.😛 / Jasoi
Gabriel M.💦 / skimmilk4
Aimee M.🌹 / Amnesia_
Malachi W. 🧩 / gumball221520
Mark D. 🍆 / piesyumyyumypies
Kyle 🍑 / kyledd
Kindred🎂 / Kindred7

16th-DJ🕶 / KidDrift76-Evicted Day 3 (8-4-1 vs. Tata and Aimee)
15th- Jayden V.🎃 / jjvawesomeness0511- Evicted Day 5 (9-3 vs. Aimee)
14th-Tata😍 / TaraG- Quit Day 7
13th-Annette C. 🦄 / Gilsgirl- Quit Day 8
👀Phase 3👀

S1:New World:???


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Is this still going on?
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Third Eviction
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Popular Or So Not Popular-Day 8

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