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Day 49: The Final Ceremony begins!

Topic » Day 49: The Final Ceremony..

134 days 11 hours ago
Ahmad, Gio & Kim, you three have made it to the Final Ceremony! This is where you must now answer and explain your game to the 7 Jurors who you all had some hand in eliminating!

So welcome back Jay, Jordan, Ken, Mark, Michael, Ravioli & Crystal!

Jury, this is your time to ask questions and get a feel for how you think the Final 3 did this season! This is only the Q&A portion, so no votes are allowed yet! I will definitely let the jury know once they vote is open so they can begin submitting to me!

This is the final round, so if somebody fails to vote during the voting period, then their vote will be lost forever!

Now Jury, begin your questions!
134 days 10 hours ago
Ask me whatever you would like guys, I am happy to answer any questions you have! <3
134 days 10 hours ago
I won't ask why you guys should win the game?

I will ask...

Why do you guys think the other 2 should NOT win Isolation?

I want explanation too or I won't vote you ;)
134 days 10 hours ago
Hey yall!!! The king of first to enter jury is back <3 and Here is my question...

I want yall to tell me....

What was your biggest move and why?
134 days 10 hours ago
Mrkk that is a good ass question lol
134 days 10 hours ago
Thank you for your question Mrkk.

Ahmad: I believe Ahmad does not deserve to win the game because he did not successfully lower his target or actively work towards taking a position of power in this game. Ahmad was generally invisible in the first half of the season, definitely making strong bonds with people but not putting himself into a position of power in an “alliance.” In the second half of the game, Ahmad was threatening to quit and then later got into a huge fight with Jay for no good reason socially. These moments made Ahmad a HUGE threat, nearly getting voted out several times all while not seemingly trying to minimize this threat. He was even reluctant at the final 6 to join up with me and Crystal to form a counter alliance against Ravioli and Michael, taking lots of convincing to do so. Finally, he got to the final 3 due to a large amount of chance as he would have gone home if Crystal or I won the Head Chief, while I was safe in any scenario.

Oliver: I think that Oliver does not deserve to win this game because he was more than willing to sacrifice his game for others at many points, and he only really started playing near the end from my point of view. On his first Head Chief, Oliver took out Ken which in my opinion was not good for his game and instead only truly benefited Ravioli and Michael since Ken was their biggest threat. If Oliver left them both in, they would go after one another leaving him completely safe. He also evicted Crystal at the final 4 despite Ahmad and myself being much larger threats to win, again not playing in his own self-interest.
134 days 10 hours ago
Hey guys, It's been a while. I'm so happy to see your familiar faces again.
Waw, this was the longest adventure I've ever played. I am here today to talk about how I play this game from day 1 till now.
Let's get into business now:
I layed out my game into 3 phases since day 1, and that helped me a lot. I had to make some adjustment as events
didn't go as I wanted sometime. And that's my adaptation:


On day 1, I was in something I called "a blind alliance" with Gio and Adam. After Adam won the first ever HoC, I automatically knew
I was safe. So I decide to lay low and let people targeting each other. On day 8, I realized that Adam and Gio played
me very well after the blow up of that alliance formed. I was fine and safe at that time but felt left out the whole time. So before Larson's
eviction, I ran toward him and asked all I needed to know about those whom he had issue with. Then I realized that Adam and Brimstone were into
a f2 agreeement. After my altercation with Jay on day 18, my suspicion confirm when nobody didn't involve or asking for more details.
In addition, I ended up on the block with Mark the next day. Thanks to Adrian leaving the game, I got to see another day because
I knew that my ass was grasp. Plus, to sweeten the deal, Brimstone and Adam got out of the game which was great for me. Up till here, Jay, Mark and Gio were the only
one I've talked to. In general, I didn't play well from day 1 till day 19, letting my faith on people's hand.
I told myself at that moment it was time to really get on to work.


In this part of the game, I was in survivor mode as I was kind of alone. Day 22 smiled at me, as I won my first HoC which gave me
the opportunity to break a group formed. I was able to use that HoC to strenghten my relation with Ken and Ravioli, as they both saved me during their HoC.
Then I receive a text from Crystal talking to me for the first time. I decided to get on her and get as much information as I can that I would use against her later on.
I reached out to kim, after seeing him being put up on the block too frequent by telling him the magic word "U are 100% safe". I ended up getting Crystal on the block as I knew she would try to save Jay.
By doing that move, I knew I will be targeted; so I decided to work on my relationship with kim, Ravioli and Ken to increase my odd of safety.
Before each HoC challenge, I decided to text Kim, Ravioli and Ken as I want one of them or me to win it or they will put us up again. It's a strategy I call "Increase your odd" and it worked out very well.
As seen, during the HoC of 27, I was declared as "Most likely to go home next", and because of my social game play by planting some seed toward Ravioli has helped me. That lead him to put up someone else rather
than me. When I see the vote were leaning toward mark, I forced the tie by convincing ken to vote with me and telling
Raviolie to save Mark, and go against that alliance made to weaken them, and unfortunately it was Jordan time.
On day 32, despite kim told me that ken is his target, I told ken that he need to talk to kim and that I tell Mark to vote with me and save him. But unfortunately, it wasn't enough. When ken was gone
and that Michael won HoC, I got put up on the block with Mark which was worst case scenario. I knew at that point, it will be either me or him. When I heard that crystal was campagning for mark to stay,
I had only one option: talk to Kim as we were protecting each other until that time. I knew that once I sway him, Ravioli will follow as well. So 2 votes were enough to save myself.
When I saw Michael and Crystal arguing on the public chat prior to the eviction of Mark, I decided to show all my convo I had with Crystal to kim to make sure that they will target Crystal definitely, plus on the other hand Crystal asked
me for a f3 with her me and Gio and I decided to play as Im with them. At this point, I was getting information everywhere that I used in my advantage. Crystal made a mistake when she won HoC and decided to taget Michael instead of me playing both side. During the next eviction, I was in a casting
game with gio, and I made sure to use that game and bond with him to secure myself. Despite Crystal wish, I was already a step ahead to be at Gio's ear and let him do what I wanted.
When I got the information that Crystal actually wanted her gio and ravioli for f3, I was ready to do everything I can to save myself and kim. On day 44, Ravioli got evicted, and that lead a misunderstanding between Gio and Crystal.
During the final HoC, I decided to take a shot at Crystal, as she started targeting me since day 20, took a shoot at me multiple time and failed. So, I made sure that She got nominated as it was me or her during the first day
of the final challenge. When I lost the second day Challenge, I decided to work on Gio and try to convince him that Crystal
will win this since she play a very flawless game. I always try to find arguments to sway Gio. On the other hand, I knew Kim will never take her to the end as all my game move and copy/paste text since day 35 was enough
to evict Crystal.
The mistake that lead Crystal to be evicted is that she was only focus on getting to the end; and saving me when you had clear shot of getting me out twice. I hope you are not mad at my game play and hope you can respect that.
I had to play like that to be here, otherwise I would be evicted. I respect you all as strong competitor. Each one of you play a very strong game. It was a heck of a puzzle to figure out how to get here strategically.
And to be honest, I was very scared about jay and crystal on their ability of convincing people, their social game; I was really scared about Ravioli and Ken as they were such complete competitor and would have been declared winner if they were sitting here;
I was also scared about Michael, jordan and Kim as they all played a very flawless game. Mark and Gio survive the block multiple time which is impressive... I did scramble so bad when it was me or Mark lol.


I think I played a heck of a game, as I was alone walking toward big giant hurricane alliances. My ability to survive day after day make my game very impressive. I was put up 5 times on the block, and yet
I am still here. I won HoC when I needed it the most. I was even part of a drama, just to show people that I had experienced everything in this game. There were move that came directly from my game play,
for example, the eviction of Jay, and also move that were indirectly from my part but made by someone else thanks to my social game, for example, the eviction of Crystal. I had competed my full heart out in this game. I had to fight my way here
and was up against a lot of road blocks in this game. I believed and trusted myself when everybody else thought that I was at the bottom.
The elimination of Mark and Ken tasted bitter as they had my back 100%. The best part in this game is that I made some good friends like ken, Ravioli, Kim, Gio, Crystal (despite our fight to stay because of our determination); I even
discover Jordan who is a very nice player inside and out. Michael, we haven't talked much in this game but you were a great competitor and glad to share this moment with you. Mark, I felt so sad that I were not able to save you, and feel really sorry about it.
Jay, I have nothing against you at all. We had a nice talk and a very funny moment of fight lol. It was nice to play with you.
I am proud of how I played this game, I am proud of myself, I am proud of all of you guys making this season one of the best in a group game. Shout out to our amazing host who remained positif throughout this whole season. You did an amazing job and deserve all my respect.

Feel free to ask questions. I will gladly asnwer them all :)

Love you all <3 and may the best win.

134 days 10 hours ago
Now question part
134 days 10 hours ago
Mark: Gio basically didn't play this game as a winner but going with the flow, and being protected by people around him. He didn't win any comps and Crystal wanted actually to bring him to the final 3 because of his game play. Kim wasn't involved in the beginning of the game, and also play a lay low game which is pretty much a social game in order to move forward. On the other hand, I was the target since day 20. I put myself up, speak up when needed and always be aware of vote comin' on my way. I think game wise, I was a badass bitch
134 days 10 hours ago
Before I ask my questions, I will tell you three right now, if your answer is too long, I will not vote for you. Period.

Looking at this final three, I feel like your spots are deserved in their own way, but I also feel like you might disagree. So as a question to each of you, concisely tell me how one of the others in the final 3 was carried there as opposed to having earned it.
134 days 10 hours ago
Jay, taking you out was one of my biggest move ever. I had to strike and weaken what I thought was an alliance. It was very strategic from my part, but on the other hand too obvious.
134 days 10 hours ago
I can say....

Ahmad you worked your way to be here (not saying the others didn't) but, you got out of some sticky situations and I applaud you for that

134 days 10 hours ago
Thank you for your question Jay.

I think I had two equally major moves that were absolutely crucial in getting me to this point.

The first was after my whole game got blown up by you, and I was nominated by Eddy Brimstone next to Larson and Kyle. At that moment Nate and I took completely different approaches to handling this situation. Nate threw a hissy fit and started calling out people, while I calmly went to everyone in pms and did major damage control. I started by apologizing to them, and then went on to complain about how “I have no one” and “all of my old allies don’t trust me.” This got people to start to empathize with me and want to further work with me. That was what allowed me to keep my strong relationships with Chris, Jordan, Crystal, Jay, Ravioli, Mrkk, and Ahmad. By the end I even had Brimstone trusting me again. I believe this move shows tact, versatility, and the ability to rebound when the chips are down.

The second was obviously to be the one vote to take out Ravioli. I was the only one with the “cojones” to vote out the biggest threat and clear frontrunner to win. Not only did I vote out someone I knew I would lose to, I also immediately showed him that Crystal had been trying to gaslight him for his jury vote. I believe that without me making this move, none of us here would have had a chance to win.
134 days 10 hours ago
Firstly, congrats final 3!

Ahmad, first please explain the following quote from your speech because it seems very vague and confusing to me. What misunderstanding? What did you do to make sure you and Kim got to final 3?

"When I got the information that Crystal actually wanted her gio and ravioli for f3, I was ready to do everything I can to save myself and kim. On day 44, Ravioli got evicted, and that lead a misunderstanding between Gio and Crystal."


Ahmad, I've heard from others that you played a deceitful game. Would you say this is accurate? Did you lie, cheat and backstab, or were you always honest and loyal in your actions and words?

Gio, many have said you were Crystal's sheep this game and didn't really do much or much to distinguish yourself from him. What would you say to your critics?

Kim, Do you feel your game is underrated? What do you feel was your strongest point in the game?
134 days 10 hours ago
Thank you for your question Jordan.

I personally don’t think anyone in this final 3 was a “goat” or “dragged,” but I think that of the three of us I relied the least on luck and comps. I was constantly maneuvering strategically and socially, and for this reason I was never truly in danger in this game no matter who won Head Chief or who got a twist. Ahmad on the other hand had people coming after him due to faults of his own socially such as his fights, not due to his gameplay.
134 days 10 hours ago
Jordan: At f4, Crystal texted me saying that I will be going if one of them win the Final Challenge. So I knew automatically that my best bet is kim. I was working with him throughout the whole final challenge. While on the other hand, I tried to make statement toward gio why Crystal needed to go. During the first day of F Challenge, my neck was on the line if I lost. Thanks god, I pulled the win and crystal got nominated. At the final challenge, I didn't stop making speech toward gio and hoping he won't win. But it turned out that Kim won the challenge and It was easy to convince him to drag me into the f3 instead of Crystal.

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