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278 days 18 hours ago
*Zsa Zsa prances into the werkroom with Chanel and Ruby*

Yasss bitches!!! We were hilarious tonight!! Congratulations to miss Candy for surviving that double elimination. I’m SHOOK!

CF: GURRRLLL! I cannot even believe that I’m doing well in this competition right now! Like bitchy I’ve shown the judges that I can be funny, act, make killer looks, dance and learn choreography well! I’m an all round queen and these girls should watch out!
278 days 17 hours ago
*congrats girls you were great <3

Cf: I need to pull myself together and do this not only for me but for my drag daughters I need to do them proud *wipes tear* , I’m ready for whatever challenge is next
278 days 7 hours ago
Episode 9:
Mini Challenge - Slap Em Silly!
Mini Challenge Winner - Baylor

Maxi Challenge - The Rainbow Ball

Runway 1: Red, Orange, Yellow Look

Best Runways - Baylor & Zsa Zsa
Worst Runways - Chanel & Harriet

Runway 2: Pink & Purple Look

Best Runways - Ruby & Baylor
Worst Runways - Candy & Pana

Runway 3: Green & Blue Look

Best Runways - Zsa Zsa & Pana
Worst Runways - Chanel & Ruby

Maxi Challenge Winners - Baylor & Zsa Zsa Tea
High - Pana Doll
Safe - Harriet Harlot
Low - Candy Cain
Bottom Two - Chanel LaCroix & Ruby Redd

Lipsync Song - “Nightmare” by Halsey
Eliminated - N/A
277 days 22 hours ago
CF: Double save... okay, we're officially into the thick of it. It's the latter half of this game and time to step it up and if youre not then sorry.... next!
277 days 20 hours ago
Ahhhhhh Bitch yessss! *zsa Zsa hugs Baylor* Good job girl!!!! Those were some KILLER fucking looks! I was gagged by your looks hunny!

CF: OMG FINALLY ANOTHER WIN!!! It’s about time gurl I just need to keep on going and really showing these judges why I deserve to be here.

And bitch let’s not forget about that lipsync! I- that was totally a well deserved double shantay! Congrats 7 again ladies haha!
277 days 15 hours ago
*hugs Zsa Zsa*


CF: I feel like once again I proved myself, and to win with my girl is iconic! Plus, we have a double save and it slayed! Ugh it's perfect.
277 days 5 hours ago
Episode 10:

Maxi Challenge - Lip-sync and perform a musical about tucking.

Winner - Harriet Harlot
High - Pana Doll
Safe - Chanel LaCroix
Low - Baylor
Bottom Two - Candy Cain & Zsa Zsa Tea

Runway - Best Feature
Best Runways - Baylor & Harriet
Worst Runways - Chanel & Candy

Lipsync Song - “Rich Girl” by Gwen Stefani
Eliminated - Candy Cain

Candy Cain, unfortunately you never managed to earn a win but you will be missed in this competition, sashay away.

(Candy, you can write a lipstick message if you’d like to)
276 days 23 hours ago
(Ruby placed HIGH in Episode 10!)
276 days 23 hours ago
Episode 11:

Mini Challenge - Best Clown Impersonation ft Joaquin Phoenix
Mini Challenge Winner - Chanel LaCroix

Maxi Challenge - Good and Evil Clown Runway

Winner - Ruby Redd
High - Chanel LaCroix
Safe - Harriet Harlot
Low - Zsa Zsa Tea
Bottom Two - Baylor & Pana Doll

Lipsync Song - “Carousel” by Melanie Martinez
Eliminated - Pana Doll

Pana Doll, you kooky queen, you cure any headaches I have in this competition. Now sashay away.

(Pana, You can write your lipstick message if you’d like to)
276 days 23 hours ago
Lipstick message*
I’ve had a real good time here , made great friends that I will cherish for life , now all of you go fuck up the rest of the competition <3 Candy
276 days 19 hours ago
*wipes tears* I can't believe that just happened.
276 days 19 hours ago
lipstick message:im so heartbroken. i hope i win miss congeniality, i have more dolls from the DollHaus coming in the future
276 days 17 hours ago
OMG ladies it’s final 5!!!!! I- cannot believe it! We are some fierce ass bitches to get here!

CF: Fuck my drag right?! Firstly let me start off by saying I was bottom 2 in a LIPSYNCING challenge? I- Ugh I really fucked up but bitch I’m glad I got to lipsync because I slayed the shot out of it! And secondly a low the week after I mean it was a runway to look ugly when I never look ugly so it was always gonna be a struggle! But girl ugh I need to pick myself up because I know I’m talented and I know I can do this. Final 5 here I come baby!
276 days 8 hours ago
CF: All these bitches get all excited when they win a challenge bitch I’m bout to win dis whole game step up
276 days 4 hours ago
Episode 12:
Maxi Challenge - Makeover a eliminated queen to create Drag Resemblance

Baylor & Pana Doll
Chanel LaCroix & Candy Cain
Harriet Harlot & Carrie Dismal
Ruby Redd & Roxanne
Zsa Zsa Tea & Ria De Janeiro

Maxi Challenge Winner - Harriet Harlot
Safe - Ruby Redd
Low - Zsa Zsa Tea
Bottom Two - Baylor & Chanel LaCroix

Lipsync Song - “Spice Up Your Life” by The Spice Girls
Eliminated - Chanel LaCroix

Chanel, You’re one queen that will always be remembered. Sashay Away.

(Chanel, You can write a lipstick message if you’d like to)

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