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160 days 18 hours ago
Date: September 13, 2019. The day after episode 2. Anne Olive’s body was reported to the police, and the news went public at 5 am this morning. The Pink Ladies’ “blackface” picture spread across the internet like a California wildfire. The Police have connected Anne’s murder with Sara Sarah’s murder and suspect that the same person perpetrated both crimes.

September 13, 2019 , 7:30 a.m. -- Kermit Police Station --

        Sheriff Dundee sits at his desk sipping on a hot cup of joe. “An incident of Blackface at a high school in Kermit, Florida has gone viral,” Diane Sawyer announces on Good Morning America.
       “The video, posted to both Twitter and Instagram, appears to show a group of girls and one obviously gay student parading around a slumber party in blackface. This video comes after a recent murder in Kermit, which has actually been followed up by *another* murder. More on this story later. In other news, Kermit and surrounding cities might have worse to look out for as we monitor Tropical Storm Katerina, which is commonly being referred to as Hurricane Katrina’s Cuban cousin --”
        “Seems like a lot piling down on you, Sheriff,” a voice comes from his doorway.
        Sheriff Dundee nearly spills his coffee and looks up at Agent Weathers. “Oh, golly,” he pauses and sets down his mug. “I didn’t even hear you come in. You must be Agent, uh..”
        “Weathers,” she smiles and takes her pink lollipop out of her mouth. She steps forward and shakes Sheriff Dundee’s hand. “Quite the little town you’ve got here. A lot of worms packed into one tiny can.”
        “Kermit’s a real charmer,” he smiles. “An exciting little place.” He stands up from his desk and walks towards the door.
        “I can tell,” she turns to follow him. “Funny enough, I’ve never even heard of this place. And it was a bit hard getting here. You’re not really on any maps I could find.”
        “We’re tucked away, for sure, but lying on the coast like any other great, sunny getaway.” He walks out of his office. “I’ll introduce you to your partner.”
        “Yeah,” he turns around. “I told Miguel if he was sending someone down to take over, I still wanted someone from my department on the team. He agreed.”
        “I usually work alone.”
        “Well, this aint so usual, Mrs. Weathers.”
        “Agent Weathers,” she corrects him.
        “Right,” he nods. “I apologize.” He turns the corner and approaches a desk. “Here we are. Officer Canine, best guy on the force.”
        Agent Weathers stares at Officer Canine for a second and then looks at Sheriff Dundee. “That’s a dog.”
        Sheriff Dundee turns and whispers to her. “Have some respect, Agent. Officer Dundee is the best guy we’ve got on our force. He’s got a knack for smelling trouble and getting to the bottom of it. It’s sort of a little trick of his.”
        Agent Weathers laughs to herself slightly. “It’s been nearly four days, and you’ve all got nothing but a handful of interviews,” she puts her sucker back in her mouth. “Some trick.”
        Sheriff Dundee clears off a desk next to Officer Canine. “You can set up shop here so you two can work closely together. We appreciate your services, *Agent* Weathers.”
        She smiles at him and looks over at Officer Canine. He bares his teeth at her and continues clacking away on his keyboard.
160 days 18 hours ago
September 13, 2019, 7:30 a.m. -- Mary Todd Lincoln High School; Hallway --

        “We just want to let you know that the staff of Mary Todd Lincoln mourns with you,” Principal Kampf says over the intercom. “We lost a decently pretty and white, although quite fat, student, cheerleader, and friend. But rest assured, students, all pigs go to heaven,” he pauses. “On a final note, the Student Government will be hosting a blood drive to benefit our local chapter of American Red Cross. I must inform you all that any student who “identifies” as homosexual will not be permitted to give blood. We cannot have future patients-in-need contracting AIDS because you want a free snack and out-of-class time. We can only accept *pure* blood. Thank you.”
        Roze is visibly disgusted by Principal Kampf’s words and turns a corner in the hall. Lotus springs out of a classroom door and pulls Roze inside. “Geez,” Roze spins around and sees Lotus, Gideon, and Bernie staring back at her. “What is this?”
        “Um, just a little meeting, that’s all,” Lotus smiles and waves her hand behind her, inconspicuously trying to air away a fart.
        “Okay,” she nods, waiting for it.
        “We just want to make sure everyone is on the same page,” Gideon speaks up. “Lotus and I were talking, and we don’t think we can tell anybody what we saw.”
        “They made Lotus a part of it,” Bernie says. “If we tell on them, we’d be telling on Lotus, too.”
        “I wasn’t going to say anything,” Roze shrugs.
        “And I really don’t want to go to Priso--” Lotus stops. “Wait, what.”
        “Yeah, I wasn’t going to say anything, anyway,” Roze smile-frowns. “It’s not really my business. If I was getting rid of a body, I wouldn’t want anybody telling on me.”
        “Right,” Lotus smiles, trying to keep a lid on her bowels. “You’re so thoughtful.”
        Roze looks at her and nods. “Uh huh.”
        “And interesting.”
        “Thank you.”
        “And pretty.”
        “Also thank you.”
        “And interesting.”
        “Yeah, you mentioned that one,” Roze pats Lotus on the shoulder and turns away. “We should probably get going. Don’t want people wondering what we’re all doing hiding in an empty classroom together before class starts on the day after we witnessed a probable murder.” Roze nods at them all and turns back into the hall.
        Gideon looks around. “What’s that smell?”
160 days 18 hours ago
September 13, 2019, 7:30 a.m. -- Mary Todd Lincoln High School; News Room  --

       “You want me to what?” Dahlia stops setting up her camera and turns to Zia.
       “I want you to hit the blackface hard,” Zia steps towards Dahlia. “You and me, together. We can take down Dakota Pink and her little army of misfit sex toys.”
       “After another murder last night?” Dahlia shakes her head. “I don’t think so. And let’s not pretend that this wouldn’t help you a whole lot more than it would help me.”
       “And what is that supposed to mean?” Zia cocks her head to the side.
        “It means you’re still hopped up on jelly juice about Dakota winning President over you,” Dahlia smiles. “And you need my help to get that spot for yourself. But unfortunately for you, Grant’s still killing people. And that’s the better story. Besides, ABC’s Martha Stewart and the entire Twitterverse is already on top of that particular scandal.”
       Zia nods and crosses her arms. “What do you want?”
       Dahlia smiles even wider and sets down the camera. “Now we might actually get somewhere.” She grabs a pen and paper and scribbles down a number.
       “Here. This is Bernie’s cell. You can get what you need from him.”
       Outside, Indie peeps around the corner into the room and notices Zia and Dahlia. She can’t really make out what they’re saying. She turns away before she is spotted.
       “And what exactly do I need?” Zia asks.
       “Little mics,” Dahlia shrugs. “Recording devices, that’s all.”
       “And what exactly do I need them for?”
       “You’re going to plant them,” Dahlia leans in and whispers to her. “In the Pink Ladies’ restroom.”
160 days 18 hours ago
September 13, 2019, 7:30 a.m. -- Mary Todd Lincoln High School; Pink Ladies’ Restroom --

        “You guys, everybody thinks we’re racist, you guys,” Dakota paces in the restroom. “We need to think of something, and fast.”
        “People are making signs,” Kay walks into the restroom. “Like, Anti-white signs or something.”
        “What do you mean?” Dakota turns around.
        “I don’t know,” Kay shrugs. “I saw Amala handing out these little posters, and like, Paloma was helping her. I think they’re trying to rally against us.”
        “They’re rallying against the blood drive,” Thayer speaks up. “You know, since no gay blood is allowed.” Thayer rolls his eyes, obviously a little hurt.
        “Well, and us,” Chloe admits. “It’s sort of a combination protest. And I’m not really sure we’re on the right side, you guys. Especially considering our portrayal in the media.”
        “And what side do you propose we be on?” Dakota flips her hair over her shoulder.
“This is partly our blood drive, you know. We can’t jump ship now just because there’s one minor little restriction.”
        “Minor?” Chloe looks at her. “Practically every guy in school is a homo. Thayer literally made it cool.”
        “Forget about the bloody blood drive,” Dakota puts her hands up. “Nobody is going to listen to us with this ABC news stigma on our back, okay? Besides, it was Principal Kampf’s idea to ban the rainbow blood. We need this blood drive to happen. It’ll look good for us.”
        “You mean like how those charcoal masks looked good for us?” Thayer turns to her.
        “Don’t worry about that,” Dakota smiles. “I’ve already got a plan. We need to go to Defcon 1. No offense, Athena.”
        Athena, who has been in the restroom the entire time, looks up. “Um. Tha-that’s okay?”
        “We need to start recruitment for a new minority,” Dakota swallows. “And I don’t mean somebody who is vaguely imported and obviously white-passing,” Dakota looks at Chloe. “I mean a real minority minority. A Black Pink Lady.”
        “Whatever,” Chloe grabs her purse and walks to the door. “I’m going to get my nails done. I’ll be back for the protest -- I mean, the blood drive. Just text me the deets.”
        As Chloe pushes the door open, Paloma walks inside and notices the group. “Oh, sorry,” she apologizes.
        “Don’t worry about it,” Chloe speaks up. “It’s not even Pink Hour, anyway,” Chloe turns back and eyes Dakota before pushing out of the door. Dakota stares back at her as she leaves.
160 days 18 hours ago
September 13, 2019, 7:45 a.m. -- Mary Todd Lincoln High School; Hallway --

        Amala is handing out protest posters. “Stop the hate going on at Mary Todd Lincoln,” she says to students as they pass by. “We should all be able to exist as ourselves and share our blood with whoever we want.”
        She holds out a poster to a passing blonde girl but then pulls it back a little when she notices who is is. “Oh, sorry, um,” she holds it out to her again. “Here. It’s just a little protest thing today. It’ll get you out of class?”
        Cara Sarah smiles and takes the poster. “Thanks. I’ll think about it.”
        “Sure,” Amala smiles and watches as Cara walks away. She continues handing out posters. “Stop the intolerance! No more Nazi regimes at Mary Todd Lincoln!”
        Grant brushes past Amala, purposefully knocking the protest papers out of her hand. “Sorry, Kamala,” he shrugs. “Didn’t see you there.”
        Amala shakes her head and watches as Grant laughs and walks away, high-fiving Cody as they walk down the hall. Amala begins slowly picking up the pieces of paper. Students walk on top of them, kicking them across the hall. She struggles to crawl and continues to pick them up. She looks up around her at everybody and literally breaks out into song.
        She sings as she picks up the papers. As she reaches the chorus, Fletcher turns the corner and helps her pick up the papers. Fletcher begins to sing with her on the chorus. Suddenly, all of the gays and pro-gays turn the corner and begin to sing along with them. Amala, Fletcher, Holly, Thayer, Paloma, Lotus, Indie, Conner, Chase, Adrien, Mark, Wendall, and Kay (bc she’s lost) join hands, all singing and swaying in the hallway. Principal Kampf watches in disgust and locks the doors to his office.

**(Posting will begin around 5pm CST // 6pm EST!!! Amala and her merry band of homos singing in the hallways effectively scared Principal Kampf into his office. He’s too afraid to open the door, so the Blood Drive has been postponed until tomorrow!! BUT, that’s just not enough. In today's age, Social Justice Warrioring doesn’t stop until the thing is CANCELLED. As such, the protest will begin again tonight to either allow gay blood or get the entire thing shut down. Are you Pro or Anti blood drive?? Pick a side, pick a sign, and show up for your cause.)**
160 days 17 hours ago
**(You may begin posting!! Everyone can be getting their signs and pussyhats ready for the blood drive! The drive will start in an hour or so, that way people have time to get online. We will be sending out mails here and there, but the more task-heavy mails will be tomorrow. Everyone have fun!!! If you have any questions or ideas, just mail us! Our mails are always open!)**
160 days 17 hours ago
*Bernie is looking around at his room, checking out everything.*

" I really want to do this? I mean... that blood could be going to orphans with cancer, but..."
160 days 17 hours ago
*Paloma dusts off her Pride Flag and pulls up an extra and over the top gay pride eye makeup tutorial*
160 days 17 hours ago
*Crystal is getting ready for the day by brushing her hair and doing her makeup*

Crystal: I feel like today is going to be a good day
160 days 17 hours ago
*touches up her eyeliner in the school's bathroom*
-looking over at the door at the Protest poster-
It's gonna be long night.
160 days 17 hours ago
Gideon b setting up the blood drive.
160 days 17 hours ago
*Wendall is kind of still shook after seeing Anne’s body and hearing the announcement of it just confirmed the whole reality of the situation*
160 days 17 hours ago
* Ilma is finishing up her homework and puts in her purple colored hijab leaning back in her desk chair. She checks Instagram too see all the gay protesters going to the blood drive *
“ I thought only 1 out of 10 people are gay i guess in our school it's 9 out of 10. ”
160 days 17 hours ago
*He has two signs, depending on who he wants to pick. His pro-drive sign says "What about the orphans with cancer?" and his anti-drive sign says "I mean, I like to think of myself as an ally."*
160 days 17 hours ago
Adrien's still thinking about how they scared away a possible Nazi principal with the power of singing, and sits on his bed popping out two pills. He takes them and lays back staring up at the ceiling. "If this was an essay, how would I argue my points to why we should allow gay blood at the blood drive because without that we'll have like no blood at all?"
160 days 17 hours ago
*Paloma is totally skipping Cheer Practice and is doing her makeup in the girls restroom*

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