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259 days 18 hours ago
Episode 2 of AIRHEADS will begin TOMORROW night (Sept. 20) at 5 pm Central US Time. The episode will run until late Saturday (Sept. 21) night. Please comment below if you will be making it to the episode so we know for plot purposes! If you won't be able to be very active PLEASE let us know!

Episode 2 is titled "Discrimination Nation: The Musical". We will be posting information on exactly how we are incorporating the musical aspect when we post opening scenes tomorrow. However, we will tell you now that it will be interactive (meaning you will/can participate) and there will be an opportunity to "perform" your own song selections either as solos or as groups! So if that interests you be thinking about your song choices!


Also, most of you should have gotten a mail at the start of the show to join the Trio Amino App! We highly encourage you to join the app. It's super fun and it's the only place to get exclusive content/updates about the show.

Members of the Amino have already been notified of the episode 2 date via the AIRHEADS chatroom (which is a great place to mingle w/ fellow cast members all at once). Additionally, we will be posting the first opening scene of Episode 2 on the Amino app TONIGHT before all other scenes are posted tomorrow.

The best part is that it is available for download on both Apple and Android devices AND you can get push notifications about the show/from the chat sent right to your phone!

If you'd like to download and join the Trio Amino community, please mail Crocadilly for an invite code! And don't forget to comment your availability for episode 2 below!
259 days 17 hours ago
I will be making it!
259 days 17 hours ago
Probably wont be on till late on both days ill try and be on as much as i can
259 days 17 hours ago
I'll at least be around once in a while!
259 days 17 hours ago
I won’t be on until like 11:00 for friday and i should be avail. saturday
259 days 16 hours ago
I will be there
259 days 16 hours ago
Me too I’m there
259 days 16 hours ago
: ) be there
259 days 16 hours ago
ill be there
259 days 16 hours ago
i'll likely be available!
259 days 16 hours ago
I should be there
259 days 16 hours ago
I will be there
259 days 16 hours ago
If episodes remain to be on Friday or any weekend days I should make everything
259 days 15 hours ago
I will be on around 9
259 days 15 hours ago
ill be in and out probably
259 days 15 hours ago
idk for sure but i'll be around at some points

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