Audition 32: Caitlyn Vanbeck

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46 days ago
Caitlyn Vanbeck "Piece By Piece"
45 days 15 hours ago
*doesnt press button*
45 days 6 hours ago
*doesnt press button*

You definitely have a beautiful voice and bewitching aura. I'm sad I only have few spots left on my team. Sorry! :(
45 days 4 hours ago
*doesn't press button*

OMG it hurts!!!! I only have 1 spot left and I already turned for Brynn! So that's why I couldn't turn for you! BUT, I hope Kimberly turns for you but if not, come back next season and let's do this thing!
44 days 23 hours ago
*doesnt press button*

Wow this was really good. I was so so close to pressing my button girl but ugh I just couldn’t!!! Please please audition again because I believe you will 100% get a chair turn next season!
44 days 23 hours ago
Unfortunately Caitlyn Vanbeck didn't turn any chairs!

It's the end of the competition for you, sorry!

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