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Gum's Big Brother Season 2 (APPS TBA)

Welcome to Gum's Big Brother Season 2! This season, 12 houseguests will enter the Big Brother House to battle it out to become the Winner of Big Brother. Here is how this season will work! 12 houseguests will enter the house. Unlike season 1, this season there will be 3 things that take place each round. 1) there will be an HOH competition, 2) That HOH will nominate 2 people to face eviction, 3) Instead of a public vote like last season, all of the houseguests (minus the HOH+2 nominees) will vote on who they think should leave the house. This process will continue until 2 houseguests remain. Then, everyone who was eliminated will come back and vote on who they think deserves to win the game. Do you think you have what it takes to win Gums Big Brother 2?

馃憫Gum鈥檚 Big Brother Winners馃憫
Gum鈥檚 Big Brother Season 1: TBA


10TH: Logan (LGGFAN_123) 49.2%
9TH: Jonah (JonahFierce) 55.6%
8TH: Quentin (Quentin_The_5th) 54.5%
7TH: Thomas (tcold312) 60.0%
6TH: Robbie (Robbie626) 53.8%
5TH: Jamal (JohnPopper) 56.2%
4TH: Melissa (melissasinclair29) 63.2%
3rd: Brian (BrianGonzalez) 12.5%
Runner-Up: Royalty (Royaltyy) 25.0%
馃憫WINNER OF GUMS BIG BROTHER 1: Clayton (Clayton) 62.5%馃憫

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Gum's Big Brother Season 2 (APPS TBA)

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