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255 days 7 hours ago
Hello! Thank you for your interest in participating in the third season of Ethan's Survivor Series. Please copy the questions below the dotted line into a mail and mail me, thewinner, your answers. Additional follow-up questions may or may not be asked of you at a later date.

Applications open today, May 5, and will close on May 12. If you are selected as part of the cast, you will be asked to confirm your participation on May 13, with the season currently scheduled to begin on May 14, and end sometime around the end of May. This is subject to change based on application volume.

Challenges will be around a 60-40 split between live and non-live/semi-live challenges. Live challenges will take place at 7 PM EST.

Feel free to mail me with any questions!


Real name/nickname:
Time zone:
Skype Account (Highly Encouraged):

Briefly describe yourself:

Will you send confessionals?

Can you make live challenges that begin at 7 PM EST?

To how many other group games are you committed to in mid-May/early June?
255 days 2 hours ago
Please note: mail me your applications, do not post in this thread. Thanks!
248 days 10 hours ago

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Ethan and Scott's Survivor Applications

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