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50 days 21 hours ago
** February 15th at 7 PM EST **

** It will be NON-LIVE **
50 days 19 hours ago
We're merging... Get ready bitches
50 days 18 hours ago
Come on in guys!
50 days 18 hours ago
50 days 18 hours ago
First of all, I want to congratulate you all on making it here to the merge!

Before we get to today's immunity challenge

The check in for the Islands of Alchemy has been posted.

That’s right! The Islands of Alchemy twist is NOT over yet :) More information to come to the person that is sent there…and yes I said person, because only ONE person will be going from here on out!

In order to be eligible to attend, all you have to do is post a singular message there. Check in will close 10 minutes after the conclusion of this immunity challenge (which will be tomorrow).

** In order to be eligible to go to the Islands of Alchemy, you MUST complete the challenge today. If you check-in and don't do the challenge, your name will be removed from the shortlist **

Note: You may not attend the Islands of Alchemy back to back, which means Natalie and Paul, you may not return to the Islands this round.
50 days 18 hours ago
Alright, Let's get to today's immunity challenge!
50 days 18 hours ago
Today's challenge is called "Puzzle Me This"

The goal is simple - Complete the following jigsaw puzzle in the fastest time possible:

Once you're content with your TIME, screenshot it, and send it to me.

IMPORTANT: For your screenshot to COUNT, you must have your Tengaged profile OPEN in the shot, like THIS: . This is to curb cheating and ensure it is in fact you who has done the comp.

**You will also need to have the number of pieces of the puzzle within the screenshot**

Failure to do these things correctly will mean you having to re-submit before I declare the winner.

Person with the fastest time will win Immunity/Reward!

**Submit by February 16th at 7:00pm EST**
49 days 18 hours ago

Kyle - 3:51
Brian - 4:33
Natasha - 4:47
Will - 5:17

Kyle wins Individual Immunity and Reward!

As for the rest of you, one of you will become the ninth person voted out of this game. Head back to camp, good luck!

Also, Idol Guesses are now officially open!

In addition, somewhere hidden in the top 700 there is an idol clue for the merged tribe. The first castaway to mail that link to both me and Ethan000 will earn five extra guesses for any round they'd like. I have to note that the pre-merge user was yellowunicorn and it is obviously not the same person so please don't mail us the link for that thinking you'll earn anything!

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