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MK Big Brother - Wilson’s Speech

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1374 days 16 hours ago
1374 days 13 hours ago
Hey jury. Im just going to say and explain why i did some things during the game.
First of all, in the first weeks i was completly solo. A lot of u were talking with each other and creating multiple alliances and i knew that i wasnt the biggest allie to no one. While some people prefered to talk with everyone, trying to make a good social game i prefered to be honest with the persons i talked. That was kinda annoying because anyone reached me.
Soon i also noticed that i was terrible at the comps and i think its kinda iconic to be in the final without winning a single comp xd Knowing that my strategie was to have a low profile in first weeks.
Some of u may think i was a floater what i disagree because I was a nom for 2 times and survived both.
To sum up i think i should be rewarded by the honest game i did. I never lied to anyone about what i was feeling and i also think someone that makes to the final without winning a comp must have a good social game for real. I think i played the game well so im asking u for the chance to win it :)

Thx u so much for this great game.

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