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MK Big Brother - Shane’s Speech

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1374 days 16 hours ago
1374 days 16 hours ago
Hi jury! Hope you are all doing well. I am going to keep my speech as short as possible ! I originally intended on playing very under the radar and laying low for the first half of the game. That was still my strategy when I won HoH, as I wanted to get as little blood on my hands as possible by nominating people I hadn’t talked to. Obviously this strategy backfired as Hufus evicted me. After the battle back, I knew I had to Olay a much more aggressive game, and go after the competition targets in the game to ensure I could keep myself safe(which is why I nominated Ben and Hufus). A serious wrench in my plans happened this week having to nominate 4 people, which resulted in Nick’s eviction. I then found two advantages, the extra veto and the vote block. I blocked Quack and Megan to give the others that sense they were a pair and that Quack’s nomination of Megan was a ruse since she was taken off the block. I did this solely for one reason, and that was to keep Summer from realizing that I was targeting her. I knew I needed to get Hufus and Summer out of the game, but I had to play the long game in order to get Summer out as she had too strong of a social game and several powers. She seriously posed as a threat by doing things such as saving Hufus every week, which forced me to use the extra veto on myself and putting Zach up on my HoH. I was able to win competitions towards the end and make a fake F2 with Wilson(my real was Zach) in order to get Hufus and Summer evicted, which took much convincing as I held him to his word when he didn’t want to evict either of them. I even evicted Zach, my closest ally in the game because I knew going forward that if I was going to get Wilson to do what I wanted, I would have to keep him safe by a 2-0 vote instead of a 1-1. I played my heart out and won 6 HOH’s and 3 POV’s, only winning 1 HOH prior to my eviction. I hope you are able to reward the game I played.
1373 days 21 hours ago
A ruse ? HOW DARE YOU?

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