Set 2: Chapter 2 (Badge Fever)

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31 days 16 hours ago
*Jasmine is at the Pokemon center feeding Ponyta*

Jasmine: How do you like your dinner, Ponyta?
20 days 6 hours ago
Elinor Quinn (dawnpeacly)
Billy Vance (Bvance1212)
Noah Chapman (aria_grande)
Felix Embree (Novamax243)
Chris (Christian37)
Kenta Eiji (spinfur)
Ali Maritz (Aquali)
Marco (Marcogr45)
Imani Williams (Rubes)
Link Durham (bigdizzleyomama)
Jasmine (Tommy123)

Dexion (Immortal - Formerly)
Gelly (Immortal - Formerly)
Gregory (Giratina's Subordinate)
Marina (Giratina's Subordinate)
Stu (Giratina's Subordinate)
Likan (Immortal)
Ceecee (Indigo Plateau)
Tiah Westwood (Contest Star / Heiress)
Ollie (Future Pokemon Doctor)
Clara (Traveler)
Kylene (Contest Star)
Gabe (Contest Star)
Tristan (Contest Star)

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