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342 days 18 hours ago
Wade, Lily, you have made it as far as you can in this game.
now you must tell the jury, 8 people that you had a part in voting out, why you should win the title of Sole Survivor!

votes are due Friday @8pm EST and votes will be read on Saturday @12pm EST

Jury, you may begin questions and Final 2, you may begin your statements
342 days 18 hours ago
Wade would like to tell everyone what was actually are plan or will i?
342 days 18 hours ago
Lilly congrats you probably just make the biggest mistake taking Wade to the end its harsh but truth.
342 days 18 hours ago
Lilly i need you to know that if i vote you tonight its not for you its against wade
341 days 22 hours ago
Wade: You and I were allies in this game. My question for you is what was your biggest regret in the game?
Lilly: Props to you for surviving so long, my question for you is which juror do you think should have not made jury?
To both of you, compare each player to a real survivor player and why
Whoever does the better job gets my vote.
341 days 21 hours ago
my Biggest regret is the night you left

I saw that u were leaving so I gave u the idol but then I thought that if I go back to people and re assure them to keep you that the votes would change and that鈥檚 why I took the idol, I now realize I should鈥檝e trusted my instincts and not have been as selfish as I was, but at least I told you about it face to face

Haykee- Aubrey (very tactical and a logical thinker)馃
Mark- tai-(very misunderstood but his heart is in the right place)鉂わ笍
Ty- Phillip Shepard (thinks his in control but is never also very disrespectful )
Logan- Malcolm freberg(very well rounded and if he makes finals,wins hands down) 馃槑
Burger- Caleb ( very underrated but has great potential)
Purple- Tina Wesson (very smart, likeable and a future winner)
Rob - Joe inglim( loyal, kind and generous )
Glen- Parvati ( very crafty but low key intelligent and social threat)

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