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(PLEASE READ: In the last Part's finale, Holt snapped his fingers and everything went white. For those of you that guessed from the end song, you'll be repeating the first episode (sort of). If you've given your character any personal growth, all of that (along with their memories) are now forgotten (for now at least). If you make a mistake and say something that your character shouldn't know yet, it's not a big deal. I'll just let you know and you can retype the response. Finally, all Kopu Kopu's are gone (for obvious reasons) and every character that has died "no longer exists" in the universe. One by one you guys will reclaim your memories, but until then act like you would have in the first episode. Try and pretend like none of the other episodes happened for now)

(By the end of this episode the "cursed one" will be revealed (aka the player who's been helping me kill all season). Part 7 will consist of you trying to find a way to survive and ultimately kill Holt. The actions your characters take starting now plus the knowledge you accumulate from other character interactions is what'll decide your end fate. It's very important that your character becomes aware of what's happening before it's too late)

-Humphrey Harbour, 9am-

*Everyone begins boarding the yacht, giving their tickets to Camila who rips off the stub and hands it back*
*Camila counts the number of stubs she’s collected*
Camila: All 12 accounted for
(Though Josie, Meghan and Zach were on different boats for the premiere, they're on the same boat with the group now. Ship C)
*She hands the stubs to Holt who smiles and looks over the bow of the ship*
*He eagerly turns back around and signals to the captain*
Holt: Let’s get this baby purring!
*Holt throws the ticket stubs over the edge like confetti and Camila sighs, thinking about the environmental damage*
Holt: If everyone would like to follow me please we can get started
*Holt circles the ship until all the passengers are rounded up*
*When he has everyone’s attention he looks down at his itinerary sheet*
Holt: I’ll make this short and sweet as I’m sure you’re all very excited. The ship we’re on is the last of the passenger ships, meaning we can start orientation and room placement the moment we dock.
*Holt squints, visibly struggling*
Holt: Each of you have been assigned temporary rooms on the ship. Follow that hall to the left and look at the nameplates for yours. This cruise won’t be long, but it'll be nice to relax if you'd like. We'll be arriving at Paradise Island before nightfall...
*Holt squints again*
Holt: God dammit Camila, this font is too small!
Camila: S-sorry, would you like me to re-
*Before she can finish Holt crumples the paper and tosses it on the ground*
*Boomer watches Holt, clearly unimpressed*
Holt: Camila, come with me
*Holt starts to walk, but gestures for her to follow away from the group*
Holt: We talked about this. The font *has* to be Comic Sans and the size can be no lower than 24. I have perfect eyesight for a reason and I don’t need to squint and make it any worse. Do you understand?
*Camila looks horribly confused, but knows she can’t even begin to explain to him how wrong that all was*
Camila: I do
*Holt smiles and puts his arm around her, leading her away from the group*
Holt: Now about my second breakfast…
Boomer: Wait!
*Boomer shouts from the group*
Boomer: What about the rest of the tour?
*Camila turns around to face Boomer and sighs*
Camila: I have enough to deal with, figure it out
*Holt and Camila are gone, leaving the group to find their own pathways*

(You may now post!)
11 days 18 hours ago
*bethy looks around the ship*
11 days 18 hours ago
*Devin walks along the ship railings, grinning as the boat rocks*
11 days 18 hours ago
*Bethy spots Boomer leaning up against a wall*
*He looks at a joint he pulls out and sighs*

*Devin can see Paradise Island in the distance*
11 days 18 hours ago
*bethy crosses herarms*
“Oh so you[re a stoner huh?”
11 days 18 hours ago

11 days 18 hours ago
*Boomer chuckles*
Boomer: A stoner that didn't bring a light. You got one?

*Holt hears Devin yelling*
Holt: Ah excitement! That's what I like to hear
*He puts his hand on Devin's shoulder*
11 days 18 hours ago
*Alexander slings his backpack over his shoulder, making his way down to his room*
11 days 18 hours ago
“Ya i got one”
*she hands him a lighter*
11 days 18 hours ago
*Alex enters his room*
*His room is small and average, like all the others*
*It has a twin bed, a bathroom with a standup shower and a desk with nothing on it*

*Boomer nods and uses the lighter*
*He looks down at the lighter and gets a feeling of deja vu*
Boomer: Thanks...
*He hands it back to her, a little thrown off*
11 days 18 hours ago
*smacks Holts ass in excitement*

"Hell yes! This is gonna be fun!"
11 days 18 hours ago
(... if he fucks his attempted murderer I'ma die but also be all "hell this is so Devin" at the same time)
11 days 18 hours ago
“Ya don;t mention it pot head.”
*she pockets it*
11 days 18 hours ago
“Expectig a little bit more than this, but it’ll do.”
*Alex sets his stuff down, searching for his notepad*
11 days 18 hours ago
(AHHHH Wouldn't be the first one in the cast, heyooo)

*Holt chuckles and turns a bit red*
Holt: Oh! You're a fireball, I like that
*He looks out at the water*
Holt: Paradise Island will be everything you dreamed of and more. It's everything you guys deserve
*Something about Holt's comment leaves a bad taste in Devin's mouth*

Boomer: I appreciate it. It helps my nerve with the water. Something about water this deep makes me really nervous
*Boomer looks at the door, not yet going outside onto the deck*
11 days 18 hours ago

"Ah... I can't wait"

*grins at him*

"Maybe we can start that fireball dream right now?"

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