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13 days 12 hours ago
Raven blinks. "He's Benjamin Button."
13 days 12 hours ago
*Alex shrugs*
"I'm a bad person."
13 days 12 hours ago
Holt: Let's play a game. I'll give you something to think about, and you guys all freak out over it. Sound good?
*He looks at the group*
Holt: One of you in here is helping me. You're all bad people, but one person's darkness was strong enough for me to "utilize". The best part is
*He chuckles*
Holt: They don't realize they're doing it
*Holt circles the group, tapping them on the head as he passes*
Holt: Who could it be? You're all so horrible ...

*Holt walks over to Zach*
Holt: You act like you care about your family, but you left them when they needed you. To come here and "show everyone you were cool"

*He walks past Zach to Bethy*
Holt: And you
*He spits*
Holt: Empowerment for the people my ass. You treat men worse than men treat women. Jimmy gave you a dying wish and you punched an Asian chick on live TV

*Holt points at Raven*
Holt: You forced your sister to come here and haven't even told your parents you got her killed yet. Waiting for them to see it on the news?

*Holt puts his hand on Dina*
Holt: And Dina Valentina. It's so sweet you did this for the charity money... And for bragging rights to the millions of follows you have. I'm sure you had to use *my* money for charity, right? You don't have enough of your own to give I'm sure

*Holt looks to Boomer beside her*
Holt: Speaking of charity cases. We won't even begin to tackle what you did to get here. I thought you were going to die first
*Boomer turns red*

*Holt trails his finger over Vivienne*
Holt: Poor, sick, "Viv". Your husband wasn't good enough for you, your kids weren't fulfilling enough, you always needed *more* and now you're learning to live without him

*He spins around to Abeer*
Holt: The same goes to you. All you ever dreamed about was being single again. Divorce isn't an option anymore!?
*He walks past Abeer*
Holt: I *am* I'm really sorry we never got the chance to have some fun though. Perhaps in the future

*Holt glances at Eric with a smile*
Holt: How's your daughter? Surprised I didn't send the money?
*He chuckles*
Holt: I'm the devil bitch, she didn't get a dime
*He rubs salt in the wound*

*Holt looks at Josie and Meghan disgusted*
Holt: And you whores. It didn't take much for you guys to kill each other for me. Pathetic, truly pathetic
*He shakes his head*

*Holt walks up to Alex*
Holt: And you. The "aspiring author". Did you find the story you were looking for? Or shall we dive into yours? Was it all worth it "Al"?

*Devin gives Holt a dirty look*
Holt; Always a glutton for punishment this one
*Holt punches him in the stomach*
*He whispers in his ear*
Holt: Don't act like that didn't thrill you, you sicko

*Finally Holt approaches Livie*
Holt: And you... The traitorous bitch
*Livie looks up at Holt, furious*
Livie: You knew... About Daniel... The whole time
*She balls up her fist*
*Holt smirks*
Holt: Ain't I a stinker?
*Livie slaps him in the face*
Livie: I snuck around like an idiot for days because I was trying to hide that from you! And you're now telling me everything I feared was right correct, but you already knew?!
*Holt laughs*
Holt: Right again Livie
*Livie attacks Holt, not even thinking about what she's doing*
*Holt backhands her as she runs at him*
*She hits the ground with a large thud*
Holt: You ungrateful bitch! I've wanted to do that since I heard you first applied
*He picks her up by the jaw and lifts her into the air*
Holt: I can't kill you all yet, the ritual isn't complete
*He looks at Livie struggling*
*Zach tries to help her but he talked shit and got broken legs*
Holt: But I can make sure you don't a meddling pest this time around
*Holt closes his fist and crushes Livie's skull*
*He tosses her body aside*
Boomer: NO!
*Boomer yells and hold's onto Dina's hand*
*Holt snickers*
Holt: Oops. Consider that a warning for the future
*Everyone backs up a bit*
*Holt sighs*
Holt: Oh boy... I'm afraid you know too much at this point
*Holt looks at the group*
Holt: Good thing I love a revamp
*Holt snaps his finger and everything goes white*

(End of Part 5!)

13 days 12 hours ago
(omg are we doing a good place. and why the fuck is my heart beating so fast, i was scared to see who it was)
13 days 12 hours ago
(Nearly gives you a heart attack for 40 minutes. SORRY :()
13 days 12 hours ago
(nah i had a heart attack reading it cause it felt like survivor as holt went around, revealing who was safe and shit skdjshsfhj and i didn't see josie for along time)
13 days 12 hours ago
13 days 11 hours ago
(Thanks for the awesome episode guys <3)

(Part 6 will begin on Sunday the 10th @5pm EST)
13 days 11 hours ago
13 days 11 hours ago
(MITSUKI 馃槶 we missed you)
13 days 11 hours ago
(I knew it! That鈥檚 why we recognised the boat! This has happened before)

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