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40 days 23 hours ago
Feel free to talk here before the premiere or between Parts. For example, you can discuss character opinions, try to solve the mysteries before they're revealed or speculate on who you think the killer is

If you haven't applied yet

If you have, then see you at the premiere!

Skype: live:holthumphreytengaged
40 days 21 hours ago
I guess I'm just gonna go ahead and ask the question we're all thinking....
Is there catering? Do we choose our meals on Paradise Island?
40 days 21 hours ago
You have to hunt it down yourself...

Kidding. The island has a 5 star hotel and room service throughout
40 days 21 hours ago
Okay great, because some of us have dietary requirements...
40 days 21 hours ago
Don't worry honey, the chefs are aware of your diabetus
40 days 20 hours ago
Monday @ NOON??? Girl you can count me out of this lol
40 days 20 hours ago
I have like.. classes and I'll be there in between them for the most part.
40 days 20 hours ago
Just to clarify since people will be coming to read this now. I wanted to premiere the RP early in the day for people who want to start early. The Parts will last 2-3 days so there is no panic if you can't arrive at the start. For future Parts though I can have later premiere times
40 days 18 hours ago
this should be fun 馃槀
40 days 18 hours ago
Oop, I'll be around but closer to 10pm when I get home from the office.
40 days 13 hours ago
Time's a major issue, I'd be in school. I understand your logic however, I'm making my app now.
40 days 10 hours ago
i have tue-thur classes so i'm pretty content with this. :)
40 days 9 hours ago
It鈥檚 been a while y鈥檃ll
39 days 13 hours ago

Actual gif of Daisy fighting for this prize
39 days 7 hours ago
ahhh i'll be a couple hours late but i'll be here eventually!
39 days 5 hours ago

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