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Paradise Island

Hidden among the French Polynesians, there's a place known only as "Paradise Island." The few who have heard the legends and lucky fewer who've actually received an invitation, know it's a place that promises a lifetime of happiness for anyone who can outstand it's mysterious "trials."

The island is owned by the incredibly wealth (and dashing) Holt Humphrey. Annually he will allow a group of visitors to partake in the trails. The winners are usually allowed to choose a gift, cash amount, or ask to live on Paradise Island for the rest of their life. Debt free. Although, this next batch of invitations has the stakes set way higher. Wanna find out more? You better board the ship.

NOTE: Paradise Island is an illustrious event for role players of both new and old. It's also an invitation only event. If you're willing to partake, it will be sure to provide a new and shocking RP experience. If you haven't received an invitation and are known in the roleplaying community (feeling you've been overlooked) please reach out to me, I don't want to offend anyone.

-Bethy Darman (bigdizzleyomama)
-Raven Mejia (Symmetry888)
-Alexander Evermore (Pokepat)
-Abeer Dhawan (UnicornChicken)
-Dina Valentina (Tizian)
-Eric Draven (CHAEL)
-Devin Freish (BrainJak)
-Josie Lancaster (RyanAndrews)

*People who technically survived through wishes*

-Boomer Mills (HoltHumphrey)
-Jimmy The Bartender (TC)
-Jade Mejia (Demgirl6)

-Clove Juniper (oswordo3) (pg. 1-160)
-Eliza Loveday (Dylangover1) (pg. 2-69)
-Bianca (TC) (pg. 2-113)
-Dr. Melkinshiv (TC) (pg. 2-143)
-Nurse Brinket (TC) (pg. 2-145)
-Martin Hudspith (Hudspith) (pg. 2-254)
-Spencer Eisenhower (Logie56) (pg. 3-7)
-Jade Mejia (Demgirl6) (pg. 3-76)
-Ethel (TC) (pg. 3-82)
-Daniel "Big Bad" Whitiker (TC) (pg. 3-152)
-"Holt Humphrey" (HoltHumphrey) (pg. 3-156)
-Daisy (Crocadilly) (pg. 4-136)
-Austin (TC) (pg. 4-159)
-Ella The Waitress (TC) (pg. 4-176)
-Blair (TC) (pg. 4-180)
-Atsuto The "Chiropractor" (TC) (pg. 4-182)
-Jacqueline "Jackie" Everett (KingGeek) (pg. 4-184)
-Jimmy The Bartender (TC) (pg. 5-92)
-Kimmy Knightley (TC) (pg. 5-92)
-Naya Cooper (Finnick) (pg. 5-103)
-Livie Duckchet (HoltHumphrey) (pg. 5-118)
-Zach Pine (Tommy123) (pg. 6-96)
-Camila The Attorney (TC) (pg. 6-135)
-Meghan Rollington (WestTemp) (pg. 6-139)
-Boomer Mills (HoltHumphrey) (pg. 7-68)
-Holt Humphrey (HoltHumphrey) (pg. 7-85)
-Vivienne Bellamy (Mitsuki) (pg. 7-70 & E-6)

Part 1: La Vida Loca 💰
Part 2: The Doctor Is In ⚕
Part 3: Little Pig, Little Pig 🔪
Part 4: Crazy Little Thing Called Love ❤
Part 5: Judge, Jury, Executioner 🥇
Part 6: The Life You Once Had 🛌
Part 7: Devil Will Cry 😈
Epilogue: Rebirth 👼

Featured Players 9 playing

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