M&A presents Fan Favorite 2

Have you ever wondered how popular you are? Comparing to others. This is the exact game you can test your theory. 16 players will compete for the ultimate prize. To be popular. But only one can win. To become the best you need the dollars. Find your way to the top but make sure you can stay there.

Hosted by mbarnish1 and aria_grande

Message mbarnish1 or aria_grande if you have any questions about the game

16th: Michland143 (Money check #1)
15th: Ethan000 (money check #1)

Premiere Date: January 9th

Winners (By Season)
Season 1: @octopusbubbles
Season 2:

14th: 4th duel (Polls open)
15th (12pm est): 4th duel (Polls closed)
15th (4pm est): 5th duel(Polls open)
16th (12pm est): 5th duel (Polls closed)
16th (4pm est): 6th duel( Polls open)
17th (7am est): 6th duel (Polls closed)
17th 7am-3pm est: The money grab period.
17th 3:30pm est: The money check ceremony

Money grab periods are your last chance to earn money before the money check. Myself and aria will post random amounts of money in the house chat. First to gain it. Wins that amount of points.

We will reveal more dates and times for the polls when we get nearer to the time

Two conditions:
1. If there is a draw both competitors gets 3 points or a quarter of the highest scorer in the duo (If above 10p)
2. I am also giving 3 points to the loser of the highest voted poll

Featured Players 12 playing

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Money check 2
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Fifth duel set
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The house chat
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Fourth duel set
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Money Check 1
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M&A presents Fan Favorite 2

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