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Season 11 - Back to Basics

Topic » Season 11 - Back to Basics

60 days 7 hours ago
As one season ends, a new one begins!

Calling All Queens whom wise to complete on Brittany Quinn Drag Race, the time has come for a new set of Beautiful Queens to inspire the world. Casting for Brittany Quinn Drag Race Season 11 has begun. Do you have what it takes to win the Crown of Tengaged Next Drag Superstar. Then prance on over and Write your Werq Room Entrance down below. Cause Old school is New School baby!

There'll be 14 Queens this season all of whom are from different backgrounds. If you are playing this season please comment the following down below. There is also an example.

(This is a roleplaying game and everything is random)

1 Drag Name
2 Werq Room Entrance


*A woman dress in a Red Gown*


CF: My name is Brittany Quinn from the Haus of Quinn, and I'm here to show you how to drag, darlin, orginal style. I'm mainly a Look and comedy queen that loves to perform for all to see, and at the end of the day everyone will have there name stuck in their mouths!
60 days 7 hours ago
*Crawls in wearing a pastel out fist*

Lick it up Baby Lick it Up

CF: Hi my name is Ice Cream and I am your pure Vanilla Fantasy
60 days 7 hours ago
*Strolls in wearking a blue cocktail dress. She starts to twerk*

*in a very deadpan voice* Don't be afraid of my sex appeal

CF (still in deadpan): I'm Teheena, i'm 21 and i'm from Unalaska, Alaska. I'm just a queen, all pretty and petite, so don't let me have any rights.
60 days 7 hours ago
*walks in wearing an elegant burlesque costume*

“Let’s see what emerges from the shadows”

CF: Hi, my name is The Shadow and I’m the mother of the House of Shadows. My drag style is more of a burlesque dancer/pinup girl. I love being sexy and flirty. I’m a performer, so when you come to a The Shadow gig, I put on a show.

My drag daughter Enigma was a contestant in the original season 9, but she didn’t get to snatch the crown. But she WAS a lip sync assassin, and I plan on slaying these girls as well
60 days 6 hours ago
*struts in with sheer bedazzled two piece that goes to the floor and a matching corset and headpiece*

I’m Bea and I’m here to Bea Tengaged’s Next Drag Superstar.

CF: I’m Bea van der Beasen, I’m 22, and I am originally from Frankfurt, Germany, but I now live in Philadelphia, PA. I am a huge fashion and makeup queen and have a pretty large Instagram following, having 186k before coming onto the show. I can do it all and even though I am an Instagram queen, I can rock the stage just as much as any of these other girls can.
60 days 6 hours ago
*walks in*

“who wants to get baked?!”

Hi, my name is Blu Velvet. I’m 23 years old, and I’m the drag sister of the one, the only Redd Velvet. Redd Velvet was originally on S3 of BQDR but didn’t really get a chance to show her full personality, she was later brought back to Season 4 where she did the damn thing and ended up being a Runner-Up. I’m here to show America what us Velvet’s are capable of doing. Don’t underestimate the Velvet’s!

I’m here to show America all of my C.U.N.T!

I’m ready to be crowned Brittany Quinn’s Next Drag Superstar!
60 days 6 hours ago
*As the queen walks in, her hair falls behind her, leaving a train.

"Who wants some Ella with their Hair"

Hi, My name is Ella Heyre, I am 27 years old and you may know me from the Las vegas show, Divas Live. You may know me for my singing and dancing however I am not just that. I want the whole world to know who I am
60 days 6 hours ago
*walks in with blood dripping all over the floor*

Boo! Did I scare you?

Baby girl, I'm the queen from your Nightmares!

Hiiiiiii! I'm Blair Blythe! The spook queen! I'm 24 years old but I've been doing drag since 14, initially it started with me just doing campy Halloween looks but then I started enjoying the form of drag and well now I perform 4 nights a week and living the life.
60 days 4 hours ago
*Walks in wearing a punk outfit entering on a skateboard*

And I said see you later girls, this crown is mine!

*CF:* My name is Kaia Cicadea, and I'm known as the punk princess from Detroit, I'm rough, I'm tough, and I bring everyone down. My style of drag can be a bit raunchy at times, but all in good tastes. I'm here to show I'm one detroits best, and after auditioning 5 times, I finally made it bitches!
60 days 4 hours ago
*walks in with a jean made garment that reveals into a sick bodysuit.*

This isn't 1970's anymore, its my time darlings.

Hi I am LuX. I am 27 years old. I've been doing drag for around 6 years just because i wanted to not look like trash :) Ill be serving looks, comedy, gags, dancing, you name it. Im a jack of all trades, and the one of the season ahahaha.
60 days 4 hours ago
*Comes in with a yellow gown*

First their sour now they are sweet

Cf: My name is Sour Patch Kid and I am delicious
59 days 18 hours ago
*Struts in wearing a Designer blue bodysuit*

You lot should be worried because The third Stephanie’s child is here!

CF : Hi, My name’s lagoona bloo, You should know me from New York, My drag sisters Jan & Rose have been on RuPaul’s drag race and now i’m on Brittany Quinn’s Drag Race
I can sing & dance but i’m definitely a comedy queen as well
I’m excited to see what ugly bitches are in the competition *Laughs* oops
59 days 5 hours ago
*walks in

“Losing to me is gonna be a tough pill to swallow.”

CF: My name is Consuela Cansualo and I’m from La Isla de Encanto Puerto Rico. I am ready to bring taste and flavor to this season
58 days 21 hours ago
*walks in wearing a structured yellow latex gown*

It’s Electra! Boogie woogie woogie! *winks*

CF: My name is Electra, I’m 21, and I’m originally from Canada, but I now live in New York! I’m a true New York queen. I sing, I dance, I lipsync, I act, I do comedy, and I do looks. I am the definition of versatility, and I’m here to WIN!
58 days 20 hours ago
*Walks in*


CF: My name is Svetlana Ivanov, I'm a queen from the baltics, and I like cheese
58 days 20 hours ago
CF : So i know Electra, She's a well known queen... But unlike her i'm actually famous, But it's good to see my new york sis

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