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17 days 5 hours ago
This season is filled with drama, I've picked queens with bad history against each other and but them on the show, why? Nothing like healing old wounds, if they can that is. With all this drama, no one will be safe, but one will be crowned Tengageds Next Drag Superstar.

Minimum 10 queens

This season must have drama, so let's see what you can stir in the pot. (This drama is for fun, not to harm)

Entrances down below
17 days 4 hours ago

CF: My name is Si MAMA... I’m 15 years old and I am from Barcelona, Spain. My drag is very Latin inspired...I draw inspiration from all Latin countries
17 days 3 hours ago
*Walks in looking around*
I must have made the wrong turn, well since Im here I might as well stay!

*CF* Hello everyone my name is Braxton Lapore, Im 19 years of age, and I come from the nonexistent drag community in Wyoming. My drag style is just influences from royalty and the medieval times with a hint of bitch what the fuck.
16 days 16 hours ago
*Walks in*

Death Becomes her, But a real winner has the beauty on the inside and you girls don't *Laughs*

CF : I'm Divalicious, I'm 24 years old and have been doing drag since the age of 16, I was inspired by Lady Gaga, With her crazy costumes and Wigs, i can Sew, Sing,Dance,Act, Put together looks, but if you get me to do a comedy routine..... Me and Funny, Nope
I can be funny, But i can't roast people
16 days 13 hours ago
*Walks in as the girls look at her*

"What?? You didn't expect me to be here"

CF: Hello, I am Lunar Kalista-Grande and i am Rose's drag sister. I am here to restore the legacy of the Grande's and to make sure we are the best haus. As a new york queen, i am very out there with my looks and whenever you see a Lunar show, you will be amazed
16 days 8 hours ago
*wheels in*

"I don't have a pun sorry??"

Cf: "I'm Wheelia Chair and I'm *counts on fingers* 7 years old! Yay me! Anyways, my drag style is very wheel chair and that's going to get me the crown.....hopefully."
16 days 7 hours ago
*A bitch walks in*
"Its not a bitch actually, rather a bird"
*she displays her wings on her dress*

CF: "I am Juniper Titmouse, a beautiful creature from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, North America, Earth, Milky Way Galaxy. I am rather a mix of glamour, comedy, depression all the usual stuff and be prepared, this bird has sharp talons!"
16 days 7 hours ago
*A woman walks in and squirts Mustard on her tits*

“Want some mustard with that ketchup?”

CF: My name is Mustard....Mustard Monroe! Yes bitch our Haus is strong and will never die!
16 days 2 hours ago
**7 foot man walks in with a red wig and a black turtleneck jumpsuit**

"The only things popping this season are my pussy and my knees"

CF: Hi, my name is Redd Velvet and I have really bad ADHD.
15 days 12 hours ago
*walks in with a bright yellow gown*

“Come squeeze me!”

CF: My name is Lemon, I’m 31 years old, and I come from Washington, DC. I am a plus sized queen that’s known for comedy, camp, and my live vocals. I may be a big girl, but when it comes down to it, I can turn out a lip sync.
15 days 10 hours ago
*walks in dancing to Feel Special by TWICE*

*is dresses as Im Nayeon in a purple outfit from Feel Special music video*

"Here to give you the POP! of kpop and to make you feel special!!

CF: Hello, I'm Dahyun and I'm from the legendary kpop group called TWICE. I give the best idol inspired outfits and love to joke around, but some call me a sweetheart, I hope the girls here are ready to have fun and to DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY!
14 days 14 hours ago
Hello, Hello, Hello. I feel tension in the air, heavy tension that's boiling hot. Everyone in here has beef with someone, so expect drama. Even with this drama,  you will have to work together or not, if you want to make it to that top. So start your engines and bitch alert systems, cuz this will be a bumpy ride.
14 days 14 hours ago
CF: I look over and I see Lemon walk in...this sour face bitch has NO chance winning this!
(I’m just doing what production wants)
*Mustard looks over at Redd Velvet*
“Yellow? Red? Fuck this is making me hungry”
*Mustard sees Wheelia Chair*
CF: I’m not gonna worry about her, she won’t be able to get up the stairs to the mainstage! Have fun sliding down the runway girl
14 days 14 hours ago
*Wheelia rolls around the room, waiting to be carried to the final 3, while rolling she decides to give production what they want*

CF: "Mustard Monroe? More like *a very long pause* okay I got nothing...."
14 days 11 hours ago
*Dahyun comes in and smiles ear to ear*

CF: I'm excited to see what the competition brings, let's do it!

"How is everyone feeling?"
14 days 7 hours ago
Lunar looks around seeing Mustard

To the other girls: "Does anyone know what that smell is, or is it just the monroe"

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