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19 days 22 hours ago
As Season 1 is coming to a close by tomorrow, Season 2 will follow shortly after it ends.

10 drag queens minimum (more the marrier)

Post your entrance and confessional below!

Good Luck and Don't Fuck it up!
19 days 22 hours ago
Kym Gym.

Entrance: Did someone hire a gymnast?

CF: Hi, I'm Kym Gym, I'm here to win and avenge robbed queen Alyss Rhodes.
19 days 21 hours ago

Entrance: Sorry y'all i'm constancely late!

CF: Hey everyone! My name is Constance, I'm 21 years old from Jacksonville, Fl, and i'm here to prove that you don't have to be mean to win!
19 days 21 hours ago
Toushda Sausage

Everyone loves some meat, So come on and Toushda Sausage

CF : I'm Toushda Sausage, I'm a campy comedy queen, I can Sew, Act, Sing, Dance kind of, But my main passion is Sewing and pulling looks together, It's fair to say i'm quite old fashioned but i'll still kill it on the runway

*See's Kym Gym & Constance

CF : Very sporty, She probably does a lot of riding *Laughs* I don't think she'll be good at everything but as Gia Gunn once said, There's Room for everybody...... Constance is sweet she's going to be the plastique tiara of drag race, Everyone thinks she will win but then will get robbed
19 days 19 hours ago
Name: Henny Praisegod

Entrance Look:

CF: It´s edible, it´s incredible and you wanna dip your whole chip in it. Hello everyone, my name is Henny Praisegod, I´m 23 years of age and shistars I am an European queen from Portugal baby, that's right. Ohh you're asking "okay gurl, but what can you do?" ohh okay, I can do comedy, I can do glam, I can do uniqueness, I can give you, sell you, and make you pay for it cus I ain't rich, bitch.
19 days 18 hours ago
*Walks silently into the werk room and just lightly poses. She is wearing a very androgynous dress that sparkles with black and white*

*In a very manly voice* Hello

CF:  I am Goy and I am the genderbending icon of Couer D'lane, Imaho! A rather small area for drag, I wanna show what I have in me to be weird, original and entertaining!
19 days 15 hours ago
Entrance: *cartwheels in* Woo!

CF: Hello world! My name is Vivienne LaCroix, I’m 25 years old, and I’m from Los Angeles, California! I am the drag daughter of Chanel from season one, and I’m here to finish what she started. Despite the last name, we are completely different queens. I am known for my dancing and my looks, but I’m a versatile queen who can do whatever. Mwah.
19 days 6 hours ago
*Walks in wearing a really dull outfit but i stop and i blossom into a flower dress*

CF: I am Rose and i am 23 years of age. I have been doing drag for 4 years and my drag is based on the fact of how we start as a seedling and can flourish into whatever we want. I am a look queen (Hello gothy kendoll) but i wouldnt show myself as a 'instagram queen'. Just wait though as even though i am beautiful, those other girls are very jealous of me, and some even hate me
18 days 19 hours ago
*A dark mist enters the werkroom*

“Hello ladies, this Monster is hungry for a win!”

My name is Monster Monroe and I am one of many Drag daughters of Madame Monroe!
18 days ago
Ballistic betty
I'm Beatrice blacks long lost sister from Philadelphia Pennsylvania
I'm here to avenge her let's tango ladies
17 days 20 hours ago
*Karen A-Secret walks into the work room with a black turtleneck jumpsuit and a golden gucci belt*

"I'm here, I'm queer, and I love Rootbeer."
17 days 2 hours ago
Episode 1:
Mini Challenge: Python Photoshoot
Mini Challenge Winner: Goy
Maxi Challenge: Junkyard Overload (Create looks with Junk from a Junkyard
Winner: Kym Gym
High: Vivienne LaCroix and Ballistic Betty
Low: Constance and Karen A-Secret
BTM2: Henny Praisegod and Toushda Sausage
Lip sync: "Water Under the Bridge" by Adele
Eliminated: Henny Praisegod

Lip Sync lyrics:

Henny Praisegod, place your lipstick message below!
17 days 1 hour ago
CF: Yes my weird ass look won me the mini challenge and I feel pretty good for an overall start. Knock some of them out before I make my mark
17 days 1 hour ago
16 days 23 hours ago
CF : Already in the bottom on the first day but i killed that lip sync
16 days 22 hours ago
CF: I’ve known Henny Praisegod and her going home FIRST, I’m gagged. Time for my daily sacrifice!

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