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23 days 4 hours ago
10 queens will enter! 1 will win! Post your entrance and confessional below!


Entrance: Ok Bitches, Let Me Show You How To Werq It!

Confessional: I'm Brittany Quinn from Atlanta, Georgia and I. MEAN. Business. Brittany is a shady queen with a big comedic side, funny gorgeous… a bitch. Hey, I'll tell it how it is, sooo.
Let's go Season 1, let's see what you got!

Example of what a Episode will look like:

Episode 1:
Mini Challenge: Photoshoot with the winners
Mini Challenge Winner: Feline Ferocious
Maxi Challenge: Filming a short 30 second clip of a commercial advertising a perfume
Runway: Trapped Within (Your darkest feelings)
Winner: Alice Springs
High: Layla & Fairy Queen
Low: Coco Puff
BTM2: LOONA & Mother Monroe
Lip sync: “Juice” by Lizzo
Eliminated: LOONA

LOONA, place your lipstick message below!

Good Luck and Don't Fuck it up!
23 days 1 hour ago
*Ariana Versace walks in*

Thank U,Next Bitches..... Because were going to have a problem when i win! *Realises she's the first one in* Oh...Great...

Confessional : I'm Ariana Versace, Known for my fierce looks and my Lip Sync skills, I can dance and sing and Design, But when it comes to an acting challenge, I'm not the best in that, But anything's possible, Drag is my life, I perform day and night, My mom is Ariel Versace
22 days 20 hours ago
*Yolawn entrances*

Rose's are Red, Violets are blue, Look out Ladies, cuz this Crazy Gurl is coming through!

My name is Yolawn, and I'm your cross-dressing uncle from Seattle, Washington. I am a Campy Queen with a background in Musical Theatre, and I'm ready to snatch the crown.
22 days 19 hours ago
*Markieshia walks in*

I am the biggest hoe youve ever seen that why im cumming to win ladies

Confession: You already know who i am i am Markieshia im the stripper girl if a bitch fucks with me il call her out but these are hoes and hoes try to steal my man and my man is that cash baby so im gonna steal their wigs i am know as getting robbed in drag race so im back and NOBODY US GONEEEE SLUTS.
22 days 7 hours ago
*A hooded figure with a cane walks into the werkroom, she takes the hood off and throws the cane away*

“I’m old but I’m no Evil Witch!”

CF: My name is Madame Monroe and I am the founder of the Haus of Monroe. A well known if not THE Haus of all the world. I’m here to give these queens a fight, with elegance of course!
22 days 3 hours ago
*Chanel enters*


CF: I’m Chanel LaCroix, I am 29 years old, and I am from Dallas, Texas. Traditionally, I am a pageant queen, but I’m here to prove to myself and everyone else, that I am SO much more than that.
21 days 23 hours ago
*A figure walks in as a traffic light with the amber one shown*

"On your marks, Get Set AMBER ALERT"

CF: I'm Amber Alert and i am too old for my to say my age. I am from the cross roads down the street and i am a comedy queen but i am also a drag mother to two beautiful daughters.
21 days 22 hours ago
*Alyss Rhodes enters*

*You bitches ain't seen nothing yet"

CF: I'm Alyss Rhodes, hailing all the way from Beverly Hills. I'm an upper class and posh queen who knows how to read a bitch, and definitely the villain of the season. *laughs evilly*
21 days 18 hours ago
Beatrice black
Hey bitches your all going down
I'm Beatrice black from st Joseph Missouri  i came here to slay bitches and drink tea and I'm out of tea
21 days 12 hours ago
Entrance: Well huns, I am back and better than ever!

Confessional: My name is Laura MacDonald from Butte, Motana and I am a bit on the shy side. However, I. AM. COMPETITIVE… to a fault. Hey, other peoples' words, not mine.
I am going to go the distance. Just keep your eye on me!
21 days 5 hours ago
*Nicova Fitzgerald stumbles onto the werkroom*

Hey circus freaks! Do you like what you see? -Ruveals my ass *CENSORED*-

Confessional: My name is Nicova Fitzgerald from New York City!!! My drag is very unpredictable and very versatile. My drag persona is like Kim Possible on bath salts.. minus the fighting ability because thats just too much work honestly...
21 days 3 hours ago
Hello, Hello, Hello. I've hand picked all of y'all due to your Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent. All of y'all have a place here, but it's what you going to do with it, is what matters! So come on Season 1, show me what you got!
21 days 3 hours ago
Episode 1:
Mini Challenge: Underwater Photoshoot
Mini Challenge Winner: Markieshia
Maxi Challenge: Gone with the Windows (Make runway outfits out of window curtains)
Winner: Beatrice Black
High: Chanel LaCroix and Ariana Versace
Low: Markieshia
BTM2: Alyss Rhodes and Yolawn
Lip sync: "Toxic" by Britney Spears
Eliminated: Yolawn

Yolawn, place your lipstick message below!
21 days 3 hours ago
loves being invisible
21 days 2 hours ago
20 days 22 hours ago
Episode 2:
Mini Challenge: Rusical Chairs
Mini Challenge Winner: Beatrice Black
Maxi Challenge: Judy Garland the Rusical
Runway: Hollywood Glam
Winner: Laura MacDonald
High: Ariana Versace
Low: Madame Monroe and Amber Alert
BTM2: Beatrice Black and Markieshia
Lip sync: "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Judy Garland
Eliminated: Markieshia

Lip sync lyrics:

Markieshia, place your lipstick message below!

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