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All Stars 7

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13 days 12 hours ago
Cast Reveal: January 10th 3:30pm Est

Premiere: January 12th
13 days 8 hours ago
13 days 3 hours ago
Cast of All Stars 7

Atta Girl #spinfur
Cha Cha Banks #Girllover101
Erotica X Vonbitch #Ajathekween
Forrest Fire #CrystalClod
Guangsho #Kisa
Katie Le Roux #Jameslu
LaLaGAGA #adamslater19
Loco Chanelle #Dylangover1
Micah Myers #zorbo678
Nadi Yassss #nateclove
Saint Cehetreal #ChrisParker13
Shimika Summers #Davoniscool
Solan #rory17
Teheena #NewNightmare7
12 days 1 hour ago
Blast off to Planet Cha Cha
11 days 12 hours ago
^ Cha Cha Banks: Season 17 (3 Wins, 3 Highs) 2nd Place #Girllover101
11 days 12 hours ago
LaLaGAGA: Season 15 (3 Wins, 3 Highs) 2nd Place #adamslater19

Entrance Line : I’m Talented, Brilliant, Amazing, Show Stopping, Spectacular, Never the same, Totally Unique, Completely not ever been done before, Unafraid to reference or not Reference.. Put it in a blender, Shit on it, Vomit on it, eat it, Give birth to it….. Take a hint bitches, LalaGAGA’s here and i’m ready to slay
11 days 12 hours ago
Forrest Fire: Season 18 (2 Wins) 3rd Place #CrystalClod

"Nothing is more threatening than a Forrest Fire"

CF: I'm Forrest Fire from Season 18 and I placed in the Top 3. I started out very strong out the gate but in the last couple episode I was Lip Syncing for my life and somehow made it to the Finale.
11 days 12 hours ago
Nadi Yassss: Lost Season 9 (2 Wins, 3 Highs) 3rd Place #nateclove

*Walks In, wearing a Golden Ball Gown*


I'm Nadi Yassss from Season 9? (The Lost one) and I'm here because I'm here!
11 days 12 hours ago
Micah Myers: Season 18 (2 Wins, 2 Highs) 5th Place #zorbo678

*Walks in the Werk Room wearing a full body outfit masking the identity of the queen. However, this is a scary piece, she's wearing a black dress that's been ripped to shreds, a facemask with grotesque detailing, and a thin black wig. Clearly, an homage to the Other Mother from Coraline*

"I'm the Queen of Fright!"

*She rips off the tearaway dress to reveal a STUNNING black obsidian studded gown, removes the ratty wig to reveal a wave of stunning black hair and takes off the mask to reveal none other than the HORROR ICON HERSELF: MICAH MYERS!

"It's okay to be afraid of the competition."

CF: Hey ghouls, it's MICAH MYERS, the ICON OF HORROR from Season 18! On my season I did really well, but I got tripped up by an acting challenge. Now, I'm a seasoned actress, I WAS IN THE NEW SCREAM MOVIE! And I think no one is ready for what I'm gonna bring this time around.
11 days 12 hours ago
Teheena: Season 11 (1 High) 7th Place #NewNightmare7

*Walks in*

"The real Star of All Stars, ME!"

I'm the lip sync Assassin of Season 11, never won a Challenge but i have a few tricks up my sleeve this time around. Season 11 has the most winners from any season with a total of 4 queens winning and its time to bring the 5th.
11 days 12 hours ago
Saint Cehetreal: Season 19 (1 Win, 2 Highs) 8th Place #ChrisParker13

Entrance: Body Like a Goddess, Holy like a Bible,  this bitch is coming for the All Stars title!
11 days 12 hours ago
Atta Girl: Lost Season 9 (1 Win, 1 High) 8th Place #spinfur

*Walks in wearing a very western inspired outfit, tolling a cowboy hat, walking into the workwork before taking it off and throwing it at the camera*
Let's get these boots walking, and the horses' neighing

CF: Howdy everyone my name is Atta Girl and I come... from a season that doesn't technically exist. The lost season of 9, however that doesn't matter this western girl is ready to take the horse by the reigns and buck her way to victory mhmm. These girls won't know what hits them.
11 days 12 hours ago
Shimika Summers: Season 9 & All Stars 3 (1 Win, 1 High) 6th & 9th Place #Davoniscool

*Walks in with a latex Pink bodysuit*

"All Stars 3 can't keep me down as for I, I'm here for the crown"
11 days 12 hours ago
Erotica X Vonbitch: Season 20 (2 Wins, 1 High) 10th Place #Ajathekween

Enters in Naked

I want everyone here to bend me like a pretzel.

Cf: I my name is Erotica X Vonbitch and I am the 20th Miss C with a passion for dick. Yes…I am a pornstar.
11 days 12 hours ago
Solan: Season 15 (2 Wins, 2 Highs) 4th place #rory17

"The Drama has arrived"

I'm Solan from Season 15 and lets just say hands will be thrown if someone gets in my way to the Crown!
11 days 12 hours ago
Loco Chanelle: Season 8 & All Stars 2 (2 Wins, 3 Highs) 4th Place & 10th Place #Dylangover1

Love it ok so here is the rest of my entrance

A women in a fabulous out for

What that small oh it the sweet smell of success by Me

Loco here from season 8 of Brittany Quinns drag race here I'm 30 years old and I'm here to prove I'm worthy of the crown and show my growth since my first season

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Brittany Quinn Drag Race All Stars 7

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