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Season 14 - Extravaganza

Topic » Season 14 - Extravaganza

58 days 8 hours ago
Calling All Queens whom wise to complete on Brittany Quinn Drag Race, the time has come for a new set of Beautiful Queens to inspire the world. Casting for Brittany Quinn Drag Race Season 14 has begun. Do you have what it takes to win the Crown of Tengaged Next Drag Superstar. Then prance on over and Write your Werq Room Entrance down below. Cause you are in for a shocking season!

There'll be 20 Queens this season. (Its a lot lol) If you are playing this season please comment the following down below. There is also an example.

(This is a roleplaying game and everything is random)

1 Drag Name
2 Werq Room Entrance


*A woman dress in a Red Gown*


CF: My name is Brittany Quinn from the Haus of Quinn, and I'm here to show you how to drag, darlin, orginal style. I'm mainly a Look and comedy queen that loves to perform for all to see, and at the end of the day everyone will have there name stuck in their mouths!

Drag Names that are already taken:

If you have any questions please PM me
58 days 8 hours ago
*Struts in like a disney princess, In Half pink, Half blue and white*

The Trans Queen has arrived *Blows kiss*

CF : Hi everyone, I'm HoezRus, I'm known as a Makeup queen but since being around Queens like Ariana Versace,Diamond Versace and them lot, I've got other skills, They took me under there wing but i'm not a versace
I can tell jokes, I can act, i can sing, Dancing meh, but i know how to turn a lipsync and i've got stunts and tricks...
I'm here competing because i want to show the world, Trans Kings and Queens can do it and hopefully i'll be the Trans Winner *Smiles*
58 days 8 hours ago
*Struts in*



Cf: My name is Placenta and I am full of your sperm America. Y’all know me from the club off of Mass Ave and Tremont St. EOOW
58 days 7 hours ago
*walks slowly into the workroom*

get a good look of all thiiiiiiiiiiiis

CF: Hello world, My name is Fuzzball and i am the twin sister of the legendary 800lbs queen Hairball. ive only been doing drag for 1 year and i already won 2 pageants and one mcdonalds eating competition. sickening!!
58 days 7 hours ago
*struts in*

Hello boys

CF: My name is Natalye Eylatan, I’m 27, and I’m from Chicago, IL. I’m a fashion and dancing queen and I am here to show my chops to these girls. I am here to win.
58 days 3 hours ago
*Stomps her way walking in*


CF: My name is The Plus Size Queen, I’m 24 and I’m from Chesapeake, Virginia. I’m not your average skinny girl.... I’m Plus Sized.
58 days 2 hours ago
*walks in and does a full spin*

Well this competition made a full 180 didn't it?

CF: hello my name is Princess Fairy and i am a full on theatrical queen i can sing i can dance i can sew and i have a very unique makeup look i love to do very whimsical looks i have been a huge fan of this show and cannot wait to compete.
58 days 2 hours ago
*Enters and almost trips a little comedic way and gets back up*

"I guess I've fallen for you" *winks*

CF: Hi I'm Caramel Cider, your one-of-a-kind 12 am hooker serving you entertainment, Caramel is known for giving her all in a performance, she's a little glam, but can be campy, And she will bring it down if she has to.
58 days 1 hour ago
58 days ago
Yooo hooo!!" *everyone looks to the entrance but behind them appears out of thin air a queen with a beautiful purple dress* "Hi" *everyone turns around to see her*

CF: My name is Alexi Runesso and i'm a wizard in all senses of the word so don't say anything about me...I have ears everywhere
57 days 20 hours ago
*Slides in, and rolls like a secret agent ready to pounce on the scene*

Put em up ladies, this crown is mine!

CF: My name is Secret Agent Karen, and I'm your undercover housewife that doubles as a secret agent. My style is high fashion, high class, and have hints of badass. You name my assignment and Karen can do it alright.
57 days 16 hours ago
*Walks in with black dress pretty blonde hair and sexy sunglasses on*

"Step aside filler queens the real competition is here"

CF: Hello my lovelies!!!! This is your favorite lip sync queen named Ouija, incase you havent found out yet im a lip sync queen mainly and I have been doing drag for 2 years now
57 days 14 hours ago
*walks in looking confused*

I’m messy.

CF: Hiii I’m Messika Tabbit. And I’m a messy queen, purr!
57 days 14 hours ago
*Crawls in wearing a black scraggly dress*

*Screams* "I'M ALONE"

CF: Hi everyone I am Widow, a 31 year old Drag Artist from Chicago, Illinois. I am very much a character drag artist and I excel in acting and comedically theatrics!
57 days 10 hours ago
*Struts in*

A new dynasty is born.

CF: Hello! It's me Diors, I'm the sister of Chanels, runner up of season 12 and finalist of All Stars 4, I'm here to get the crown this time for us!
57 days 7 hours ago
*Waddles in*

"This isn't my son's soccer game!"

CF: Hi! It's me, "Rachel the Soccer Mom", a 47 year old from California. I'm hardworking and determined but don't worry, I'm the fun mom *laughs*. That grandprize better come to momma!"

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