Gumball's Survivor S3 The Bahamas (APPS)

We are on one of the most beautiful islands in North America. Mostly clear skies and very clear waters. Welcome to Survivor The Bahamas! 18 tengagers will take on 1 another for the title of Sole Survivor! However, this season there is a twist that will shake up the game from start to finish and it will change how everyone will play the game. This twist will change the pace of the game turning strategy upside down! 18 people forced to band together and survive! They must learn to adapt or they will be voted off the tribe. In the end only 1 can claim the Title of Sole Survivor! 39 Days, 18 people, 1 Survivor!

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Gumball's Survivor Winners:
S1 (Borneo): Calvin C (SmoothStalker12)
S2 (Panama Exile Island): Washed R (Washed_Ravioli)
S3 (The Bahamas): TBA

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Gumball's Survivor S3 The Bahamas (APPS)

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