Danganronpa 9 "Chaos Town"

About 16 later when Hopes Nation was built to it's peak, the remains are at peace. Now self sufficient, they don't contact any other surviving Nations and only focus on keeping themselves afloat. The Council elected a leader, Quinn, and she divided the nation into five sections. The North section which is in charge of Ultimates learning how to fight and protect. The East section which is in charge of foreign affairs like learning languages and old customs in case they may ever come in contact. The South section which is mostly in charge if the entertainment talents and keeping the old way of life alive. The West section which trains the world's smartest minds and the future leaders of Hopes Nations. And finally the far Winter Section which makes machines and militia weapons. The Winter Section is threatening war for their mistreatment, and the Nation is in a Civil War.

In 2035, the children of the Nations most important leaders wake up in a strange town, greeted by a strange bear who tells them it's time for the Killing Game. Will history repeat itself?

~ Characters ~
Marleen [Ultimate Intuition] (WestTemp)
Ryland [Ultimate Aspiring Director] (WestTemp)
Luke [Ultimate Hide n Seek Player] (WestTemp)
Bognessa [Ultimate Bog Creature] (WestTemp)
Marble [Ultimate Engineer] (WestTemp)
Douglas [Ultimate Wilderness Survivor] (WestTemp)
Wood [Ultimate Nature Protector] (WestTemp)
Nathan [Ultimate Photographer] (WestTemp)
Silky [Ultimate Hype] (WestTemp)
Diamond [Ultimate Sharpshooter] (WestTemp)
Zain [Soap Enthusiast] (WestTemp)
Wolfgang [Ultimate Tarot Reader] (Symmetry)
Spike [Ultimate Blacksmith] (Bigdizzleyomama)
Callum [Ultimate Soap Carver] (Demgirl)
Shoji [Ultimate Cultural Historian] (Sirniceguy)
London [Ultimate Moonchild] (Dawnpeacly)
Charm [Ultimate Print Editor] (Coolkat)
Phillip [Ultimate Tailor] (Novamax)
Nikkita [Ultimate Aviator] (Noxity)
Scarlett [Ultimate Chess Player] (Scarlettthequeen)
Rocco [Pastry Chef] (Absol)
Hayden [Ultimate Raver] (Logie56)

~ Episodes ~
Episode 1 "When You Kill A Butterfly..." [X]
Episode 2 "Feeling Lucky?" [X]
Episode 3 "Glass Ball"
With two trials gone, and six people dead already, the group is thinning down. Mikey starts to get bored and adds a few new people to hopefully get things going. With a new motive as well, pulling people apart, everyone must learn to coexist or their lives will be on the line. Marble has some Revelations during the motive, and the baggage between #Dyland comes into the light. Callum comes face to face with someone he knew.
Episode 4 "Revenge Of The President's Daughter"
Episode 5 "Total Meltdown"
Episode 6 "Bottled Up Emotions"
Episode 7 "Dead Man Walking"
Episode 8 "Chaotic Endings"

~ Dead ~
Makayla [Ultimate Twerk Goddess] Episode 1
Heather [Ultimate Lawyer] Episode 1
Stormer [Ultimate Model] Episode 2
Candace [Ultimate Interrogator] Episode 2
Silas [Ultimate Psychologist] Episode 2
Tyler [Ultimate Teen Heart Throb] Episode 2

鉂わ笍馃挌馃挋 Ships 馃挍馃А馃挏
Nathan x London (Canon)
Ryland x Douglas (Canon)
Marleen x Shoji (Non-Canon)
Silky x Callum (Canon)
More to Come =D

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Danganronpa 9 "Chaos Town"

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