Danganronpa 10 "Winter Town"

After a few month hiatus, Danganronpa Tiny Town is back with it's new 10th season. Previously, the survivors of the game reunited with their parents, only to have X phase with Mikey, and create a new evil that was subdued for the time being. Little did they know it already did it's damage, and a few people around the world were infected with Despair. It's time for the tenth game to begin...

a group of ultimate students awaken inside a Strange snowy village, and forced into a new game. they don't know who's behind it, or which one of their friends can be trusted. welcome to tiny town 10.

Beatrice [Ultimate Poet] (WestTemp)
Sally [Ultimate Nicotine Creator] (WestTemp)
Gigi [Ultimate Stylist] (WestTemp)
Miranda [Ultimate Volleyball Player] (WestTemp)
Diana [Ultimate Female Dominatrix] (WestTemp)
Willard [Ultimate Wizard] (WestTemp)
Lancer [Popular Child Actor] (WestTemp)
Mason [Ultimate Bad Boy] (WestTemp)
Ozzy [Ultimate Wilderness Survivor] (WestTemp)
Blondie [Ultimate Four Square Player] (Coolkat)
Karma [Ultimate Stained Glass Artist] (Dawnpeacly)
Joseph "Candy" [Ultimate Candy Maker] (camell)
Ian [Ultimate Social Media Influencer] (Logie56)
Liam [Ultimate Lana Del Ray Stan] (turkeylover)
Gabriel [Ultimate Wild Life Trainer] (bigdizzleyomama)
Saya [Ultimate Bouncer] (Sirniceguy)
"Madoka" [Ultimate Imposter] (symmetry888)
Vulpecula [Ultimate Cartographer] (Absol)
Winnie [Ultimate Bear Tamer] (Demgirl6)

Episode 1 "Our Snow Filled Adventure" [X]
Episode 2 "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" [X]
Episode 3 "Blood In The Snow" [X]
Episode 4 "Mystery Of The Workshop"
The hooded figures come up with a new motive that traps everyone inside a Strange workshop. The group deals with someone having a breakdown and lashing out, becoming even more of a liability to everyone. The truth comes out about a big secret someone is keeping, and friendships are put to the test.
Epieode 5 "Krampus In Our Midst"
Episode 6 "Fake Men Are Like Gingerbread"
Episode 7 "Naughty Or Nice?"
Episode 8 "Falling Ornaments"

~ Deaths ~
Rocky [Ultimate Rock Collector] Killed by David
David [Ultimate Paediatrician] Executed Chapter 1
Chloe [Ultimate Kangaroo Wrangler] Killed by Nicholas
Nicholas [Ultimate Sandcastle Creator] Executed Chapter 2
Caitlyn [Ultimate Candle Maker] Killed by James
Donatella [Ultimate Barbie Girl] Killed by James
James [Ultimate Ice Cream Flavor Creator] Executed Chapter 3

| Map |

Public Park
Cabin 1 (Boys Cabin, One Room Full Of Beds)
Cabin 2 (Girls Cabin, One Room Full Of Beds)
Hot Cocoa Lounge
Bonfire Lounge
Frozen Lake
Snowy Bridge
Present House 1 (Closed)
Present House 2 (Closed)
Present House 3 (Closed)
Present House 4 (Closed)
Strip Club
Snowcone Stand
Snowy Woods
Snowy Gazebo
Snowy Garden
New House (10 Beds, Either Gender)
Small Cafe (Corndogs only)
The Workshop

~ Side Plot ~
Wolfgang (16)
Spike (16)
Marble (16)
Chance (16)


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Danganronpa 10 "Winter Town"

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