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Hopes Nation is better off than ever. The threat that loomed over them all has seemed to all off the face of the Earth following the rescue of the kidnapped groups of children, however not all of them escaped. Another killing game took place, but the Nation is set on extraction of anyone left over who may be associated with Mikey. With Dream stepping down from power, he handed the reigns back over to Quinn, destraught from her daughter's death, but has the will to lead the Nation back to its original glory.

News of runaway convicts soon spreads. The prison that holds the most dangerous criminals from Hopes Nation was burnt down, and some of the prisoners have been rounded up. However, some still wonder, unaccounted for.

A group of Ultimate Students from the most recent inductees into the Hopes Talent Program soon come up missing when their bus dosent arrive at the school. Instead they wake up inside the gates of an old prison. A strange set of robots tell them they must kill each other to leave, however they soon find out that this game is more than just that.

Ilana [Ultimate Strategist] (WestTemp)
Willow [Ultimate Twilight Fan Girl] (WestTemp)
Polly [No Talent] (WestTemp)
Kaitlin [Ultimate Composer] (WestTemp)
Gertrude [Ultimate Senior Knitter] (WestTemp)
Dawn [Ultimate Organizer] (WestTemp)
Project XLO V2 [Ultimate Artificial Intelligence] (WestTemp)
Carlos / Lady CiCi [Ultimate Drag Queen] (WestTemp)
Austin [Ultimate Penguin Friend] (WestTemp)
Joey [Ultimate Harry Potter Fan Boy] (WestTemp)
Junior [Ultimate Assistant Pizza Maker] (WestTemp)
Billy [Ultimate Farmer] (WestTemp)
Percy [Ultimate Jewler] (WestTemp)
Whammy [Ultimate Whack A Mole Player] (WestTemp)
Naomi [Ultimate Hacker] (Ajathekween)
Faythan [Ultimate Dog Groomer] (Nathorix)
Veronica [Ultimate Relationship Counselor] (Sirniceguy)
Corbin [Ultimate Plague Doctor] (DawnPeacly)
Emerald [Ultimate Fanfiction Writer] (Logie56)
Helix [Ultimate Geneticist] (Rennac)
Brody [Ultimate Voodoo Doll) (bigdizzleyomama)
Soren [Ultimate Conspiracy Theorist] (Symmetry888)
Thazz [Ultimate Wig Wearer] (Mudkiptz)
Andrew [Ultimate Drug Dealer] (Khloefaith)
Kenta [Ultimate Grave Digger] (Marglyn)
Sorina [Ultimate Nursing Assistant] (Demgirl6)

~ Episode List ~
Episode 1 "City Of Solitude, City Of Silence"
Episode 2 "Break Down The Walls Of Her Heart"
Episode 3 "Who Do You Stand With"
Episode 4 "Center Stage Attention"
Episode 5 "Down The Wrong Path"
Episode 6 "Evil Lurking In These Halls"
Episode 7 "Spew Red White and Blue"
Episode 8 "Jailbreak"

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Danganronpa 10 Apps Still Open

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