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Lockdown: Game of Survival

Welcome to Lockdown Big Brother


IF you are looking for a group game that will send you Ts, or even something form the Shop, then this isn't the group game for you. This Big Brother series is more for fun and entertainment than for money and gifts. So if you win don't ask me for Ts or some item from the shop. If you do, you'll be waiting for a long time.


📽Production Team:
👤Brice/Maybelle (13bam)


🥇Winners Circle
Lockdown I - First Generation: Winner: Harry/ harrywasnak |4-3-0|
Lockdown II - Game of Survival:


📆Calendar (Subject to Change)

Day 14 Nomination Challenge July 1st (8PM EST)
Eviction July 2nd (6PM EST)
FINAL DAY July 2nd (7PM EST)
Finale & Reunion July 3rd


🏆 Placements

1️⃣9️⃣Veigar/ Veigar : Evicted Day 1 ~ 10-5-1 against Kiara & Owen
1️⃣8️⃣Owen/ PenguinOwen126 : Medically Evacuated Day 2
1️⃣7️⃣Kiara/ Kiara_xoxo : Medically Evacuated Day 3
1️⃣6️⃣ Brady/ CoachWade : Evicted Day 4 ~ 8-6-0 against Charlie & Yung
1️⃣5️⃣ Elian/Elian : Evicted Day 5 ~ 10-3-1 against Josh & Sonically
1️⃣4️⃣ Charlie/ xcharliex : Medically Evacuated Day 6
1️⃣3️⃣ Marco/ Marcogr45 : Evicted Day 8 ~ 6-3-1 against Josh & Honey
------------------ (Sonic & Mac re-enter the house) --------------------
1️⃣2️⃣ Jay/ abstractjay : Evicted Day 9 ~ 7-3-0 against Tris & Yung
1️⃣1️⃣ AJ/ zorbo678  : Evicted Day 10 ~ 6-2 against Tris
----------------------------------- JURY -----------------------------------
1️⃣0️⃣ Honey/ honeybunch1 : Evicted Day 10 ~ 4-3-1 against Josh & Patrick
9️⃣ Sonic/Sonically : Evicted Day 11 ~ 3-2 against Tris
8️⃣ Ben/ BenjaminS : Evicted Day 12 ~ 3-2 against Yung
7️⃣ Yung/ Yunggunzkeep18 : Evicted Day 13 ~ 3-0 against Chandler
----------------- (Patrick re-enter the house) --------------------
6️⃣ Josh/ JoshBB1999 : Evicted Day ~ 2-1 against Chandler
5️⃣ Mac/ Macda27 : Evicted Day 14 ~ 2-0 against Harry
4️⃣ Chandler/Chandelier : Evicted Day 14 ~ 1-0 against Patrick & Tris
----------------------------------- FINALE -----------------------------------
3️⃣ Patrick/ Pkpkpkpk ~ 0 votes to Win
2️⃣ Tris/ TMAN54445 ~ 3 votes to Win
1️⃣ Harry/ harrywasnak ~ 4 votes to Win

🎯Events of the Day's

Day One

Nominating Housemate: Jay
Nominee's: Kiara, Owen, Veigar
Evicted: Veigar

Day Two

Nominating Housemates: Elian & Josh
Nominee's: Honey, Marco, Tris
Removed: Owen

Day Three

Nominating Housemate: Jay
Nominee's: Honey, Marco, Tris
Withdraw: Kiara

Day Four

Nominating Housemate: AJ & Mac
Nominee's: Brady, Charlie, Yung
Evicted: Brady

Day Five

Nominating Housemate: Harry
Nominee's: Elian, Josh, Sonic
Evicted: Elian

Day Six

Nominating Housemates: Yellow Team
Nominee's: Jay, Sonic, Yung
Withdraw: Charlie

Day Seven

Nominating Housemate: Jay
Nominee's: Sonic, AJ
Eviction: Sonic
Dragged: Mac

Day Eight

Nominating Housemate: Harry
Nominee's: Honey, Josh, Marco
Evicted: Marco

Day Nine

Nominating Housemate: AJ & Sonic
Nominee's: Jay, Tris, Yung
Evicted: Jay

Day Ten

Nominating Housemate: Honey
Nominee's: AJ & Tris
Evicted: AJ

Triple Eviction
Nominating Housemate: Mac & Ben
Nominee's: Honey, Josh, Patrick
Evicted: Patrick
Evicted: Honey

Day Eleven

Nominating Housemate: Ben
Nominee's: Sonic & Tris
Evicted: Sonic

Day Twelve

Nominating Housemate: Mac
Nominee's: Ben & Yung
Evicted: Ben

Day Thirteen

Nominating Housemate: Mac
Nominee's: Chandler & Yung
Evicted: Yung

Day Fourteen

Nominating Housemate: Harry
Nominee's: Chandler & Josh
Evicted: Josh

Nominating Housemate: Chandler
Nominee's: Harry & Mac
Evicted: Mac

Nominating Housemate: Harry
Nominee's: Chandler, Patrick & Tris
Evicted: Chandler

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