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33 days 13 hours ago
Well well well, the time has come, apply now if you can bring the past and the present into the future, drag is eternal, are you?

Fave decade-
Special Skills-

Good Luck. Xo
33 days 13 hours ago
Oh Entrance Look is TIME.
33 days 6 hours ago
Name- Blonde Electric
Age- 15
Motivation- To Stand out
Fave decade- 90’s
Special Skills- a fierce Lipsync


Serving 50’s
32 days 23 hours ago
Name- ||Athena Gold||

Age- ||21||

Motivation- ||Black Rights||

Fave decade- ||Any with me in it||

Special Skills- There all a little rated-r if you know what I’m saying
32 days 19 hours ago
Name- Carrie Dismal
Age- 22
Motivation- To introduce the past to the future with a bold and classy bang.
Fave decade- 1900-1910
Special Skills- Writing. Acting.
Entrance Look (Time)-
32 days 11 hours ago
32 days 4 hours ago
Name- Vazqula Calcifications
Age- 30
Motivation- I'm gonna get that damn crown if it kills me
Fave decade- 1960s, I'm a natural born hippy
Special Skills- Reading, writing, arrhythmias

My Entrance Look:
30 days 1 hour ago
To do something different and daring.
Makeup. Death by shade. I’m told I give great blowjobs, and I’m the scariest bitch here!
What else do you need to know?

Entrance Line: Time? Time for what? How about a god damn all star!

My Entrance Look:
29 days 5 hours ago
Drag Name: Mystia Blanc
Age: 18
Motivation: My end goal is to create the most weirdest but really creative looks and to to win at some point.
Fav Decades: 80s/90s fashion mixed with the futuristic fashions.
Special Skills: Lipsyncing, drawing looks and comedy?

My entrance look:

Serving up some Neon Brites sorta 90s fashion in a way.
27 days 17 hours ago
Name : Twinkies
Age : 26
Motivation : I have unfinished business.
Fave decade : 90's. All the way down.
Special Skills : X Ray vision, Killer fashion sense and Not giving a shit about you not liking my camp.

Entrance Look

Runway Voiceover : Time is like writing a book. Some of it go to waste and you can't have it back. But you can still wear your failures and create art out of it.

Complete Look :
Close Up :

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Rubes & Joco's Drag Race Season 4

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