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46 days 18 hours ago
Welcome Everyone!

This is your twelfth mission of the season. You will be playing this mission as INDIVIDUALS. As stated earlier, this is a ROOKIE ELIMINATION DAY. Meaning, a Rookie will be going home this round. For this round, the Troika will be compromised of the Top Three players in this mission, regardless of tier. Remember, the Troika is the ONLY way to ensure your safety, as each person in the Troika will nominate one person to face the Inquistion. While the last place person will be the first Rookie with the worst score in this mission.

As for the Veterans, you will be having a Purge this mission, meaning the last place Veteran will go home.

Steve and Mike, due to being the best performers in the previous mission, you are safe no matter what, but you may participate if you like.

The name of this mission "Outside the Box"

For this penultiminate mission, you will be playing an Endurance competition.

You do not need me to play this mission, you may start it when you like but once you start it, you cannot stop under any circumstance.

When you are ready, all you will have to do is make a thread with the title "Mission 12- Name's Thread".

After you have made the thread, you will make your first post which should be the phrase:


After you have posted your official time marker, you will need to post once every 5 minutes, exactly 5 minutes on the dot based on time marker. You will need to hit it exactly at the 5 minute mark. Why?

Because each time you miss making the official post at the exact 5 minute mark based on your time maker, those penalty minutes will be added to your score. Just to be clear, your post must line up with the 5 minutes, if at any time your post is 1 minute or more off from the 5 minutes of your post marker, then it will not count as perfect.

The official phrase for this endurance mission is:


After you make the time marker, you must post that phrase once every 5 minutes based off of your time maker, not your previous posts.

You are to go for as long as you can, but you need to end your run with the phrase: END MY RUN.

If you exceed 15 minutes without posting, your run will end with 10 minutes of penalty time added to your score.

You will be scored in two ways, the number of times you exactly hit the 5 minutes then your penalty minutes.

The three players with the most amount of perfects, then least amount of penalty minutes will make up the Troika. However, only the Top Rookie and Top Veteran will get money.

While the last place Veteran will be going home and the last place Rookie will be going into the final Ring of the season.

This mission starts now and will last until Wednesday 4 PM PST (7 PM EST).

Good Luck!
42 days 23 hours ago

# of Perfects - Name

154 - awwsum11 (Eric A)
098 - Absol (JT A)
050 - nmh95 (Nathan H)
---------------------------------------------------------------------------LAST PLACE
016 - Kgamer2218 (Kyle R) [OFFICIAL LAST PLACE]
009 - Pieguy555 (Mike R) [IMMUNED, SAFE]

308 - Mybash_ (Chris B)
254 - Lalisa (Chili L)
246 - macken (Macken A)
---------------------------------------------------------------------------LAST PLACE
152 - IceBeast (Will I) [OFFICIAL LAST PLACE]
000 - sjsoccer88 (Steve J) [IMMUNED, SAFE]


Congratulations Chris and Eric, you are the official winners of this mission! You will be splitting $25,000.

Now as stated in the mission, the Troika is the Top 3 players regardless of tier, which means that Chris, Chili, and Macken, you are the official Troika for this round!

For the bad news, Will and Kyle, you have come in last place for your respective tiers. Kyle, this means you are automatically in the Ring this round. Will, unfortunately for you, this is a Veterans Purge, meaning, you are officially out of the game. It is always a pleasure to have you, you always put up a great effort and positive attitude, however this ends your time in Spain. Please say your good byes.

As for everyone else, the Inquisition will be posted shortly as we have 3 players nominated by default.

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