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58 days 6 hours ago
Welcome Everyone!

This is your tenth mission of the season. As stated earlier, you will be playing this mission in TEAMS. As, you also know this mission is a VETERAN ELIMINATION DAY, the last place team will have to vote one Veteran to be last place. For this round, the Troika will be compromised of three members, as voted upon by their team, to be the Troika. Remember, the Troika is the ONLY way to ensure your safety, as each person in the Troika will nominate one person to face the Inquistion. While the last place person will be determined by the person voted in by their team members.


Team 1 - awwsum11, doubledarefan01, Kgamer2218, macken & sjsoccer88, Pieguy555, Saftronbtr999, top20fan33

Team 2 - Absol, cfff, IceBeast, Jaybirdnifty, Lalisa, Mybash_, nmh95

The name of this mission is "Spanish Treasure"

This mission will be a speed test, because at the end of the day, those who want to find treasure need to be quick.

Each of you have 3 chests that you MUST use in this mission to avoid being penalized. These chests are time trials, the faster you complete them, the better the payout for your team.

Now when you are ready to do this mission, you do NOT need to message me when you are ready to complete this mission, you just need to start it. And here are the instructions for how to complete this mission without penalty.

Your teams will be added to their own groups, and it will be made secret so the other team cannot see your progress. Then you will follow these steps:

1. You will make a thread with the title:

Mission #10- Name: Chest #_

After you make that thread, you will mail me the link to your thread which will start your time. You need to do this before you start post, in fact, once you mail me the link to your thread, you must wait 2 minutes before you post your first number.

2. You will start counting, with your first post in that threat being 1 and the last post in that thread being based on the chest you are on:

Chest 1: 50
Chest 2: 100
Chest 3: 150

All you have to do is count. If you make a mistake, you can correct it by deleting the post and fixing the mistake. If you do not correct the mistake, then you will be penalized with a penalty of 2 minutes per mistake.

3. After you have posted all of your numbers, you must again, wait 2 minutes before mailing the phrase: ARRIVED AT CHEST #_. That mail will stop your time for that chest.

For steps 1 and 3, if you do not wait the required time, then you will be penalized with an addtional 5 minutes per infracation.

Once you complete your run, I will turn everyone's time into seconds  for each chest then do a comparison with the following equation:

(Time of the Person With Fastest / Your Time) x 100

The number that equation yields will determine how tokens you get for that specific chest. Now remember that each chest as a multiplier value, the first chest is a multiplier of 1, the second chest is a multiplier of 1.25, and the last chest is a multiplier of 1.50.

The team with the most tokens at the end of this mission will win. In the event of a tie, the team with the lowest overall time wins. If that ties, then the team that completes the mission first wins.

This mission will start TODAY (Friday) 3 PM PST (6 PM EST) and last until you all complete it or 27 hours has elapsed, which would be Saturday 6 PM PST (9 PM EST).

IMPORTANT: You must send in the name of 3 PEOPLE ON YOUR TEAM EXCLUDING YOURSELF to be the TROIKA as well as the name of 1 VETERAN on your team to be LAST PLACE. This vote must be in within the 24 hour period, or it will not count.

Lastly, the Rookie who gets the most tokens in this mission will get an advantage in the next mission.

Good Luck!
58 days 6 hours ago

TEAM 1: https://tengaged.com/group/8859-tttc-vendettas-group-1-team-1
TEAM 2: https://tengaged.com/group/6437-tttc-vendettas-group-2-team-2


Brian, one of your chests happens to be broken and it is Chest 2. Your winnings from Chest 2 will have a deduction of 40%.

Macken and Steve, you are literally one person for this mission. Meaning while competing, you must do it TOGETHER and you must alternate posts at all time, starting from the time you make the thread until you get to the last number. Remember, whoever makes the thread as well as who makes the last numbered post must be the one to mail me. If you fail to alternate posts, its a 3 minute penalty per infraction.
56 days 3 hours ago

Team One
035.45        -        awwsum11 (Eric A)
000.00        -        doubledarefan01 (Nels S)
266.44        -        Kgamer2218 (Kyle R)
012.46        -        macken (Macken A) & sjsoccer88 (Steve J)
270.05        -        Pieguy555 (Mike R)
268.28        -        Saftronbtr999 (Ian S)
000.00        -        top20fan33 (Cameron W)

Team Two               
271.22        -        Absol (JT A) [ROOKIE ADVANTAGE IN NEXT MISSION]
203.75        -        cfff (Brian C)
340.73        -        IceBeast (Will I)
126.01        -        Jaybirdnifty (Jay M)
344.33        -        Lalisa (Chili L)
297.55        -        Mybash_ (Chris B)
070.51        -        nmh95 (Nathan H)

0852.67 - Team 1
1654.10 - Team 2


Congratulations Team 2, you are the winners of this mission! In addition to splitting $25,000, 3 of you will be getting spots on the Troika! Let's see how you all voted...

Absol (JT A)- Chili, Nathan, Brian
cfff (Brian C)- Will, Chili, Nathan
IceBeast (Will I)- Nathan, Chili, Jay
Jaybirdnifty (Jay M)- Will, Chris, Nathan
Lalisa (Chili L)- Will, Nathan, Chris
Mybash_ (Chris B)- Chili, JT, Will
nmh95 (Nathan H)- Will, Jay, Chili

5 -  Chili
5 - Will
4 -  Nathan
2 - Chris
2 - Jay
1 - Brian
1 - JT

Congratulations Chili, Nathan, and Will, you are the Troika this round! As the Troika,  you will each be responsible for selecting one Veteran to go into the Inquisition.

Team 2, you have lost this mission, which means one of you will be automatically be sent into the Ring. Let's see how you all voted.

awwsum11 (Eric A)- Steve
doubledarefan01 (Nels S)- Did Not Vote
Kgamer2218 (Kyle R) - Ian
macken (Macken A) -  Ian
Pieguy555 (Mike R)- Steve
Saftronbtr999 (Ian S) - Steve
sjsoccer88 (Steve J) - Ian
top20fan33 (Cameron W)- Steve

With 4 votes, Steve, I will be seeing you in the Ring.

Troika, you have until TODAY (Sunday) 6 PM PST (9 PM EST) to send in your nomination for the Inquisition. Please make sure you talk to each other before you nominate, so you do not nominate the same people.
56 days 3 hours ago
RESULT DETAILS: https://prnt.sc/ox70wz
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