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63 days 7 hours ago
Welcome Everyone!

This is your ninth mission of the season. You will be playing this mission as TEAMS. As stated earlier, this is a ROOKIE AND VETERAN ELIMINATION DAY. Meaning, a Rookie and a Veteran will be going home this round. For this round, the Troika will be compromised of the three players from the winning team as voted on by the winning team, regardless of tier. Remember, the Troika is the ONLY way to ensure your safety, as each person in the Troika will nominate two people to face the Inquisition, one Rookie and one Veteran. While the last place person will be the Rookie and Veteran voted for by the losing team.


Team 1- Absol, awwsum11, Lalisa, Mybash_, Pieguy555, PoohSnap, Saftronbtr999, top20fan33, WitZ

Team 2- cfff, doubledarefan01, IceBeast, Jaybirdnifty, Kgamer2218, macken, nmh95, sjsoccer88

The name of this mission "The Wildest Balance"

In this mission, you will be testing your spamming abilities and planning skills.

For this mission, each team will be given a poll with 4 options: A, B,C, and D. Your goal is simple, get as many votes as possible. So go crazy and spam!

But wait, there is a catch...

On top of trying to get as many votes as possible, you will need to balance your poll where each of your selected options is 50%/50%.

Your entire team will be mailed the two options that need to come out to 50/50, and your goal is to get those to balance. Which brings in the scoring method we will be using for this mission, which will be outlined below:

# of votes x 10 points each - (50 points+5 points for each percentage you are from 50/50)

Meaning, you cannot just spam to get a ton a votes, but not match. You need to match as close as possible if you want to win.

The team with the most points will win this mission, in the event of a tie, the team that matched votes more closely gets favor. If that ties, then the team with more votes gets favor. If that ties, then the team with more supporting comments in the pollbox from Tengaged users who voted will get favor.

IMPORTANT: During this mission, you ALL must vote. You must send me a THREE votes. One vote is the THREE PEOPLE EXCLUDING YOURSELF that you want to be on the Troika from your team should you win. As well as the name of ONE ROOKIE AND ONE VETERAN to be last place should you lose. These votes must be sent in BEFORE the mission deadline or you will not be able to vote.

This mission will start now and last until tomorrow (Saturday) 10 PM PST (Sunday 1 AM EST).

Good Luck!
61 days 23 hours ago
61 days 10 hours ago

Team 1

22 votes x 10 = 220 points
50+91 penalty points for an 18.2% difference

220-141= 79 points total

Team 2

41 votes x 10 = 410 points
50+42.5= 92.5 penalty points for an 8.5% difference

410-92.5= 317.5 points total


Congratulations Team 2, you are the winners of this mission! In addition to splitting $25,000, 3 of you will be getting spots on the Troika! Let's see how you all voted...

cfff- Macken, Steve, Will
doubledarefan01- Steve, Kyle, Will
IceBeast- Steve, Nathan, Macken
Jaybirdnifty- Nathan, Will, Brian
Kgamer2218- Jay, Will, Nathan
macken- Will, Brian, Steve
nmh95- Will, Jay, Steve

Will- 4
Nathan- 3
Jay- 2
Macken- 2
Brian- 2
Kyle- 1

We had a tie for the 3rd spot on the Troika which was broken by who voted first between those in the tie, which was Jay by 64 minutes.

Congratulations Will, Nathan, and Jay, you are the Troika this round! As the Troika,  you will each be responsible for selecting two people (Veteran and Rookie) to go into the Inquisition.

Team 1, you have come in last place, which means two of you will be automatically be sent into the Ring. Let's see how you all voted.

Lalisa- James D & James E
Mybash_- Chris & Eric
Pieguy555- James D & James E
PoohSnap- Chili & James E
Saftronbtr999- James D & James E
top20fan33- Chili & JT
WitZ- Chili & Eric

Chili- 3
James D- 3
Chris- 1

James E- 4
Eric- 3
JT- 2

With that James E, it looks like you are officially the last place player and will be going into the Ring.

Now we have a tie between Chili and James D, which the Troika will break to determine the last place for Veterans.

Troika, you have until TODAY 6 PM PST (9 PM EST) to send in your nominations for the Inquisition.
61 days 3 hours ago
The Troika has broken the tie, by a unanimous decision, James D, you are in the Ring.

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