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5 days 18 hours ago
Welcome Everyone!

Although the Inquisition will be done privately, you can still see who has been nominated and the process that is about to happen. Our Troika was asked to nominate three players for possible elimination. The Troika has reached their decision, and the following players are nominated to face the Inquisition:

Mybash_ (Chris B)
PoohSnap (James D)
Saftronbtr999 (Ian S)

Players nominated for Inquisition, you now have the chance to plead your case to the Troika. Say what you need to say, make whatever deals you need to make, because your life in the game is at stake.

Troika members, you have until tomorrow (Tuesday) 6 AM PST (9 AM EST) to send in your vote for one of these three players. Let me say this now, I highly advise that you avoid a tie, or you wont like what happens.

Good Luck!
4 days 1 hour ago

Mybash_ (Chris B) - IceBeast (Will I)
Mybash_ (Chris B) - macken (Macken A)
PoohSnap (James D) - WitZ (James E)

With 2 votes, Chris, you are in the Ring.

You will be competing against Alan for your life in this game. But remember, the winner of the Ring will be given a Grenade. However please note that Grenades CANNOT be given to players in the Troika.

Your ring will be posted shortly.
3 days 23 hours ago
<3 James
3 days 18 hours ago

Official Match-Up: AlanDuncan (Alan D) vs. Mybash_ (Chris B)

The name of this game is "Not So Bright".

This Ring will test your speed and attention to detail.

You both will be added to your own group, and you may complete this Ring with or without me online. However, you get online ONE attempt and it will last for 20 minutes only.

Your time will start the moment you make a thread. Your thread should be titled:

Name- Ring #6: Not So Bright

Exactly how I have it, except you replace the "Name" portion with your first name.

Once that thread is made, you will have only 20 minutes to complete the ring. In that 20 minutes you will be spelling the word LIGHT BULB, but each letter must be in a different post, and each letter in capital letters.

Now that sounds simple, right? Well, there is a couple of catches, so you need to pay attention

1. Every time, a single letter in LIGHT BULB must be typed in lower case, starting with the first L, then the next time you spell LIGHT BULB, the I will be lower case, and so on until you get to the last B. You will repeat back to L at that point.

2. Every 6th cycle that you spell LIGHT BULB, you must switch any two capital letters.

3. Every 5th cycle that you spell LIGHT BULB, you must add a period at the end in a separate post.

Your goal is simple, each time you complete a cycle, you earn one point. The player with the most points wins. In the event of a tie, the player who gets the furthest fastests wins. If that ties, then the player who starts first wins.

This Ring starts now and will last until tomorrow (Thursday) 8 AM PST (11 AM EST).

Good Luck!
2 days 20 hours ago

35 cycles - AlanDuncan (Alan D)
39 cycles - Mybash_ (Chris B)


Congratulations Chris, you have won this Ring and will remain in the game! Well done!

Alan, it is always a pleasure having you, I'm sure you know this. However, this officially ends your time in Spain. I'm sure I'll see you around though, but for now head on out.

As for everyone else, before you leave here, we have the matter of a Grenade to deal with.
2 days 20 hours ago

Chris, as the winner of the last elimination round, you now get to throw a Grenade at one of your competitors. Please keep in mind that Grenades CANNOT be thrown at people in the most recent Troika, which in this case is Macken, Will, and James E.

Your options are as followed:

Choose the teams for EVERYONE in the next mission

Choose any person, except the previous Troika, to sit out of the next mission. They will not be eligible to be in the Troika, but they can be sent to the Inquistion and the Ring.

Choose any player to take their ENTIRE bank account total and make it your own.

Your deadline to choose which Grenade will be tomorrow (Thursday) at 4 PM PST (7 PM EST). The challenge will start at 5 PM PST (8 PM EST).
2 days 20 hours ago
NOTE: This is a Veterans and Rookies Elimination Day
2 days 20 hours ago
Grenade 1 please.

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