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101 days 16 hours ago
Welcome Everyone!

It is now time for your third mission of the season. Let me remind you that winning is the only way to guarantee yours safety. The winning team will be safe from Armageddon, both being voted in and being called out. Additionally, they will given the double vote power which allows their vote to count twice instead of once. In this season, if you are not a winner, then you are a loser, which means you will be eligible to be voted in.

The name of this mission is "Conquer It All”

In this challenge, I will post 7 different threads. Your goal is a simple one, be the LAST person to post in each thread before I close it. You can post as many times as you want, but it only matters if you are the last one to post.

Threads will close at random times over the next 24 hours. Here is how I will give scores:

3 points- Last one to post before I close it
2 points- 2nd to last person to post
1 point- 3rd to last person

NOTE: Each thread will have a multiplier that will be applied to the points listed above. Multipliers will range from .5 to 3.5.

Just to be clear, you CANNOT score all points in one thread, so dont try and ask me.

The person team with the most points at the end of 24 hours will win the mission. In the event of tie, the team that did better in more territories will win. Lastly, if your team comes in last place, you will have a significant disadvantage in the next mission.

This mission starts now and will end TOMORROW (Wednesday) 9 AM PST (12 PM EST)

Good Luck!
100 days 13 hours ago

17        -        AlanDuncan (Alan D)/jman96 (Jordan M)
4        -        bamold1999 (Tyler M)/Josh742 (Josh P)
0        -        BluJay112 (Nick M)/RealJacksonWalsh (Jack W)
24.5        -        BOBROCKS33 (Jacob S)/5651Omar (Omar C)
1        -        Christian_ (Christian B)/joey96 (Joey S)
4.5        -        ElectraViv (Vivian L)/LaFierceBrittany2 (Brittany J)
0        -        Eoin (Eoin E)/PoohSnap (James D)
19.5        -        Iceey (Ryan B)/sjsoccer88 (Steve J)
0        -        Kelly0412 (Kelly R)/immaxyman (Issy J)
0        -        Lemjam6 (Jake B)/Ramanik (Kamani W)
0        -        MoooHades (Liam M)/Jxhn (John B)
13.5        -        NJKoda1998 (Nick J)/JetsRock12 (AJ B)


Congratulations Jacob and Omar, you are the winners of this mission!

Jacob and Omar, as the winners of this mission, you are SAFE from the Armageddon this round. Additionally, your teams vote will be counted not once, but twice, so use that power wisely.

Everyone else, since you are not a winner, you are a loser, meaning you are all eligible for elimination this round. All teams will have to vote in one team to go into the Armagedon, remember you and your partner must agree on your vote.

Now for last place, as we can see there was a 5 way tie for last place. Although I am throughly disappointed in all of you, there is one time that did much worse than the rest.

Kelly and Issy, seeing as to how you didn't even participate in the mission and came in outright last place, you will be receiving a penalty in the next mission.

Voting will be posted soon.
100 days 13 hours ago

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